Controlling programs with the mouse and keyboard is becoming less popular. And the point of it is not that the keyboard is out of date or fashionable, easy control by fingers in many cases is really more convenient.

We do not want to be popular. We do not want to look fashionable. We followed one rule, do not sacrifice quality and get better. If we thought that our report designer will be less convenient on even 1 percent, you would not held in the hands the new Report Designer for WinRT. We will not say that it is a revolution in the world of reporting, we'll call it a stable comfort!

Let’s look at it deeply:

This product is designed to work on the new operating system Windows 8 on PC’s as well as on Intel and ARM tablets. This version is the native one of the product working with business objects. We also added features, introduced recently in the Silverlight version of the product, to work with any databases, SQL connections, XML data through business objects. We have created an application 'Converter.DataSetToBO', which converts any data in a special data stream or file, which then can be connected to the designer for further work without any problems.

Starting creating a new Designer, we thought long time which interface to use for this application in order to implement all features of Windows AppStore applications, and, at the same time, users did not have to learn a new work in it and look how that can be done. As a result, we have agreed with the idea of Microsoft Office 2013 version with enlarged Ribbon UI for the Touch interface. In this case, our old users will feel comfortable and new ones are much easily able to understand the familiar environment. For your convenience we have made 8 shades, so that anyone could find the right color for the application.

The report designer is maximally optimized for convenience in the Touch interface. Now simple finger movements can be used to create, move, and resize components.

The basic functions have also been added for the convenience of work both Drag'n'Drop components from the components panel and data dictionary. A fully functional PropertyGrid optimized for the Touch interface has been implemented for editing properties of components.

We believe that if you like to work with hands, without any extra efforts, if the words “comfort” and “reliability” are synonyms of your work, you will find yourself in our new product.