Please see the clear and transparent list of the main differences across Stimulsoft Cloud subscriptions. All resources available in subscriptions are calculated on a monthly basis. From your account, you can view the remaining amount of resources. Upon reaching one of the limits, the corresponding functionality will be unavailable, all other functionality will be available in accordance with their limits. You may switch between subscriptions and upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan.
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CreatorsA creator is a person who has an account on the server, has access from the client-side, registered as an editor, and uses the product to work with report templates and dashboards - create, edit, view, delete, etc. 1 4 15
ItemsAn item is any file uploaded or created in a workspace of your account — these are report and dashboard templates, rendered documents, file data, exported documents, images, etc. Unlim Unlim Unlim
SharingAbility to provide general access via hyperlink to view the report or dashboard. Access can be either fully open or protected by a password.
File dataPermission to use file data in reports and dashboards. You may use XML, JSON, CSV, and Excel data files.
DatabasesPermission to use various databases in reports and dashboards – MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.
File sizeThe maximum size of a single file allowed for upload to cloud storage. This restriction is imposed on any files - templates, file data, built and exported documents. 10 Mb 15 Mb 25 Mb
Report pagesThe maximum number of pages allowed in one rendered report. Upon reaching the limit, the report rendering will interrupt on the last available page. 100 200 500
Data rowsThe maximum number of data rows in one table, or the total number of data rows used to render one report or dashboard, or the maximum number of lines in one data cache. There are no restrictions on the number of columns in the data row. 20 K 50 K 100 K
RefreshesThe number of refreshes for all dashboards, reports, and data in general. One refresh means viewing a dashboard, rendering a report, data update. 3 K 10 K 30 K
Resource sizeThe maximum total size of resources allowed to be stored within one template. As template resources, you can use data files, images, and other available formats. 5 Mb 10 Mb 10 Mb
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