Stimulsoft Reports.Server 2016.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A new File Storage Item is added. Now you can store results of reports rendering to the local folder on the server.
При создании PDF файлов в сервере появилась возможность задать пароль для создаваемого файла. When creating PDF files on the server, there is an opportunity to set a password for the created file.
Completely redesigned interface: The main menu is added, two modes to view items in the table form or in the form of tiles, change the top toolbar, added animation.

Fixed Bugs:

Some corrections in the Scatter Line chart associated with arguments of the date type.
The bug with scrolling big reports in the viewer.
Some of the problems with creating relations in the data dictionary.
Optimizations of using the disk space.
A bug with export settings to the PDF format.
Portuguese UI localization.