Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2015.1

New Features
1.A detailed description of the error in the preparation of MySQL database.  RPHP
2.The new shape type Octagon in Silverlight/Flex.  RPHP
3.JSON data connection.  RPHP
4.The new option PrintAsBitmas allows increasing the printing quality but halftones will be disabled, only black and white colors.  RPHP
5.Right To Left for the text of the text components in the Wisywyg mode in Flash Viewer and Designer.  RPHP
6.Printing to PDF for the AIR desktop designer.  RPHP
7.Export to PDF. Added the AutoPrint function.  RPHP

Fixed Bugs
1.When you export a report to the preview of the Flash designer the once browser's request was shown up to move to another page if a report was not saved.  RPHP
2.The odd request save the report when exiting the Flash designer was shown.  RPHP
3.Export to Word. Now the Use Page Headers and Footers property works correctly.  RPHP
4.The error when adding Relation with lots of table columns in the Flash designer.  RPHP
5.A bug with updating the report tree in the Flash designer.  RPHP
6.The localization error of some values in the Property Grid in Flash Designer.  RPHP
7.Incorrect handling of data columns with the dot in the name when using lists of values in the report variables in Flash Designer.  RPHP
8.The error in the Pie Charts when using more than one series in Flash Designer.  RPHP
9.The selected data source for DataBand was not highlighted, if aliases of the data source in Flash Designer was used.  RPHP
10.Grawing Caps for VerticalLinePrimitive and HorizontalLinePrimitive.  RPHP
11.Export to TXT. Now the text is exported correctly when the AllowHtmlTags is enabled.  RPHP
12.The ToWordsPt function the numeral"14" is changed from "quatorze" to "catorze".  RPHP
13.The report designer. Changing the columns of the data source only takes effect after reloading the report.  RPHP
14.Errors with setting the PDF export in the dialog box.  RPHP
15.The error of selecting relations for the databand in Flash Designer.  RPHP
16.The error when selecing the values of the data source in charts, if the data column is used in the expression.  RPHP
17.Incorrect display of logarithmic axes of charts in Flash designer.  RPHP
18.The HideZeros property now works for the CurrencyTextFormat.  RPHP
19.The ShowNewReportWithWizard property for the theme Office2013 was not working in the Flash designer.  RPHP
20.The error when changing the orientation of the cross-tab in the Flash designer.  RPHP