Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2019.3.5

Published on 06 September 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new class Stimulsoft.Report.Toolbox.StiToolboxSetup. Using it, you can configure the ToolBox status in designers from code.
New maps. Benelux and Scandinavia.
The Designer Scale Mode option is added to the designer options.
The new window for creating maps. Now all types are displayed as tiles. Support for search has been added.
Support for CSV connections in Publish Wizard.
The ability to use current or latest libraries in publish.


Completely redesigned the position of ToolBox in WinForms/WPF designers. Now you can separately disable each category, as well as adjust displaying of components.
Small improvements in the variable editor.
Using the Culture property of a report for drawing samples in the text format editor.
The CrossTab editor was redesigned.
Uploading project libraries from the site to the Publish Wizard, correctly displaying the percentage of download.
The appearance of marker display for linear chart types has beed changed.
Redesigned Auto Style rendering in Ribbon for dashboards. Now the component style is drawn in the required color, and not just the inscription Auto.
Some imrovements in Request from Users variables proccessing in the WinForms viewer.
Stimulsoft Designer is adopted for hi-res scaling resolutions.

Fixed Bugs:

A problem with rendering StiGauge if you enable the old editor mode.
Improvement in rendering styles in the Ribbon Panel.
The problem with rendering style collections in Ribbon.
Label step for YAxis if the step value is less than 1.
The heat map for Czech Republic did not work with the data connected.
Labels in maps on HIDPI were not beautifully rendered.
Color Each for Bubble Series.
Some issues with the report preview in the StiRibbonDesignerControl.