Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2017.1.5

Published on 31 May 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The AddMemoryFont method was added in the StiFontCollection class.
The new property - StiOptions.Designer.PropertyGrid.AllowEditStyle.


In the report caching mode, the use of image memory is slightly optimized.
Some optimizations in the installation of the application.
Loading styles from the JSON file in the style designer.
Support of the data adapters repository.
Support for the downloading the Sybase data adapter from the NuGet repository.
Support for downloading the Teradata data adapter from the NuGet repository.
Some issues with license in Windows with FIPS mode activated.
Renamed properties: StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageDataTabPage -> StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowDataTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageURLTabPage -> StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowURLTabPage.

Fixed Bugs:

Functions in the initialization expressions for a variable of the Range type were not processed.
Grouping values by the key when using dependent variables.
Ability to Edit Page while viewing the report.
The value of CheckedValue in StiCheckBox was not saved when there was the JSON type in MDC.
Saving the Separator and CodePage properties in JSON Mrt.
Switсhing the report designer to the foreground after clicking the New Report button in the Designer.exe.
Displaying icons of Interactive Sorting in the Viewer.
Some issues with data adapters from the NuGet repository.
Error loading JSON and XML data from some types of URLs.
The CheckStatus of the ComponentStyleIsNotFoundAtPage check has changed from Error to Warning.
Work of the Labels-> Step for YAxis Logarithmic Scale property.
Displaying of ValueType = Argument in Labels for StackedColumnSeries.
Drawing when ColorEach = True for Stacked Column Series.
Correct displaying of Values Labels if ReverseHorizontal = True for Stacked Column Series.
RichText editing through F2.