Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2017.1.1

Published on 17 April 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Two new checks for recursion of expressions - in the variable and in the calculated column.
Support for the Math.Pow function in the interpretation mode.
The new property - StiOptions.Engine.AllowSimplifyChartValues.
In the interpretation mode, the support for the properties - TimeSpan.TotalXXXX is added.
A JS Preview tab is added to the Designer.
TheTreemap chart.
The currency symbol ​₹ (Rupee).
If, in the StiMap component, data is displayed with the group, the prompt appears and displays not only the value of the selected State but the sum value by the group in which it is located.


Additional localization folder Locales is added.
Improved support for business objects such as array of strings.
The work of StiOptions.Export.Pdf.WinFormsHighAccuracyWordWrap and StiOptions.Export.Pdf.WpfHighAccuracyWordWrap properties has been significantly improved.
Blocking the Delete button, if the property of the component is AllowDelete = false.
Simplified UI of the NuGet dialog.
Some improvements in the automatic CSV files processing.
By pressing F5, the viewer is called in a separate window.
Draw a bottom border line when the cross-tab has more than one summaries and cross-tab is broken over pages.
Now ReportChecker does not use compilation for the report in the interpretation mode.

Fixed Bugs:

Showing null values in the Pie legend.
Wrong component naming was used in the data source when drag&drop in the wizard.
An error with double click on the column in the report dictionary in some cases.
Exception on loading assemblies when the Costura.Fody is used.
Export to Word. Exception was thrown when exporting some RichText components.
Export to Excel97. Exception was thrown when exporting from the Trial version of the product and enabled report caching.
The event - StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.ProcessExport was restored.
The drill-down interaction for ClusteredBar Chart.
Export to PDF. Incorrect displaying of transparent border in the PDF/A mode.
Excluded search in preview by HTML tags.
Displaying negative values in the Stock Series.
The new Border Color Negative property for Candlestick Series.
A issue with removing image set from a resource or a variable.
An issue with Rich Text files saved from MS Word.
An issue with the StiUndefinedType in the Interpretation mode.
An issue with the Request From User variable in the StiSelectionMode.First mode.
An issue with a column's type during reading from a report tempalte file.
The Web Preview of the WinForms Report Designer is renamed to Flash Preview.
An UI refactoring of the connection builder.
Invalid calculation of results in Cross-tab.
An issue on XML export when the Report Alias property is empty.
An issue with a border width that could cause the growth of the text component when the border is enabled and style is set to None.
EngineV2, an issue with multi-level grouping when in some cases headers of sub levels were not shown.
The new Anchor property is added to all simple components.
Output of the CrossTab component header in some cases.
Displaying charts by using the properties of Y Axis-> Labels-> Width.
Export of Maps to the PDF format.
Background of Gauge when exporting, if it was set transparent.
The problem with rendering the Cross-tab which was located on the page with the Unlimited Height property set to true.
The error with rendering the Cross-tab component that is located on the page with disabled property Unlimited Breakble = true.
Improved output of CrossTab titles when located in the segmented pages.
Errors when outputting Cross-tab titles located on pages without the use of segmented pages.
The Print Title On All Pages property is marked as obsolete. It's function now executes the Print On All Page property of each title individually.
The new StiOptions.Dictionary.Json.DefaultJsonConverterVersion property. You can change parsing, when connecting to JSON files.
Reprocessed mapping of variables, depending on the value of the StiOptions.Viewer.RequestFromUserElementsPerColumn property.
The new StiOptions.Viewer.RequestFromUserPanelMaxHeight property, which limits the height of the panel with variables when viewing a report in the viewer.
Some fixes in the cross-tab headers rendering.
A problem with outputting headers of total cells from left to right in the Cross-tab component.
Redesigned interface of the Main Menu in the designer.
Showing ToolTip of the Pie Chart when exporting to HTML.
Bugs with visibility of the page buttons in the viewer.
Behavior of the PreviewSettings property of the report object is corrected.
Interaction for the TreeMap chart.
In the New Variable form, when selecting Dependent Value, a list of Variable was not filled.
Rendering of Stacked Series, if the YAxis property is set both for Left, and Right Axis.
Sorting for Series.Tags values.
A problem with the report name in the designer after its opening.
Export of the Treemap chart to SVG.
Incorrect loading resource from assembly.
Updating the component to select styles in Ribbon Menu.
Nuget packages of components on the web site.
Using DateTime values for the Scatter Charts arguments.
A bug with print on all pages in cross-tab without columns.
Some problems with calculating percentage summaries at the cross-tab rows.
Some issues with component location shifting in the cross-tab.
A bug with repeating long cross headers in the cross-tab.
Creation of relations during the creation of the data source from JSON.