Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2016.3

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The ability to use resources when connecting data.
The new property - StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.ShowMainMenuHelp.


The Image editor is redesigned.
Dragging images, fonts, mrt, mrz, rtf files to the data dictionary.

Fixed Bugs:

Redesign of the image variable form.
Redesigned the page watermark form.
Dispaying Reports Connections in the in New Data Source form.
The new Bands Filter property for the XML export.
The File property of the File component is now an expression.
Empty table "Table1" when using JSON data.
Support for images of variables and resources in the page watermark.
Some minor bugs in export forms.
A bug with connection selection in the data source edit form.
Shotcuts F4 (Properties, Ctrl+Shift+D (Dictionary), Ctrl+Shift+L (Report Tree).
Some changes in the Variable Edit form for the Image variable.
RichText can load RTF files from byte fields of a database.
The RichText editor is redesigned.
If to close the current report in the designer, and then open a new one - it always opens a new blank report but not the one that was loaded.
The problem with ignoring in many cases the StiOptions.Engine.BaseReportType property.
The issue in the Map component to connect the data source. Columns were incorrectly treated.
Style Editor. When selecting the custom color in ColorDialog, the CustomColors list is saved and subsequent opening restores the latest version.
If the Restrictions property of components was set to forbid moving and changing the size of the component, then it still was able to change these values through the property panel.
Series Filters in Chart.
Calculation of the Х axis of the Gantt Chart, if the values are set throughDateTime.
Show list types Charts in the Chart Wizard.
The Distance property for Pie Chart.
Ability to specify various types of Series Labels for Pie Series.
The SeriesLighting and SeriesShowShadow properties in the Customer ChartStyle.
Chart labels conditions.
Update miniatures of charts in the Chart Editor.
The new property "Text After" for the Chart Table.
After selecting the Excel file in Recent on the New Data Source form, the path to the file was not filled.
The StandardPdfFonts, UseUnicode, Compressed properties are deleted from the PDF export.
The Embedded Data option is added to all files of data sources.