Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2016.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new static option StiOptions.Engine.OptimizeDetailDataFiltering, by default is true. In some cases, to ensure compatibility with older reports, this property should be disabled.
A new form to pick a color and ability to indicate the transparency.
Export to PDF. Now the EmbeddedFiles feature is supported.
Export to PDF. Support for ZUGFeRD.
The new static option StiOptions.Export.Xml.ConvertTagsToUpperCase=true.
The new static option StiOptions.Export.Pdf.OrderComponentsByPlacement= false.
The new static properties StiOptions.Export.Pdf.Security.DefaultUserPassword and StiOptions.Export.Pdf.Security.DefaultOwnerPassword.
Support for custom styles in the SIteMap editor.
The Owner property is added in dialog forms in viewers. The dialog is always displayed on top.
The new StiOptions.Dictionary.ColumnsSynchronizationMode option for selecting the selection mode of synchronizing columns of data sources.
The new StiOptions.Dictionary.UseAllowDBNullProperty option to support for nullable types of data.
Support for expressions in Watermark of the page.
The new property is added in the report - RetrieveOnlyUsedData.
Support for GlobalizationManager when editing the report and the StiOptions.Designer.UseGlobalizationManager=true to disable this functionality.
The new event - StiOptions.Designer.Editors.EditCustomConnection - to intercept processing of editing the custom database.
The ability to call the text editor for Watermark.Text.
The new static option StiOptions.Engine.PrintIfDetailEmptyNesting to enable more accurate checking of the PrintIfDetailEmpty property.


Export to images. Now the output files will have more correct numbering.
Engine V2, The UseParentStyles property now works when rendering the report.
Improved display of bar-codes in the edit menu of the barcode.
Engine. Speed optimization when processing data for master-detail reports.

Fixed Bugs:

Export to HTML. In some cases there was the exception when having primitives on the bottom page margin.
Error of rebuilding titles in the Cross-tab component when deleting a row.
EngineV2. When using business objects and placing detail bands in the sub-report duplication of fetail bands occured.
Excel data source. Now files from the SpreadsheetGear are opened correctly.
The transparent background color of charts is now correctly exported to Word/Excel.
Changed the behaviour in the form of editing of the Expression property of the Watermark. Now, if to move anything from the dictionary - the braces automatically added in the expression, so it is an expression.
The ProcessAtEnd chart property now works correctly.
Some problems with working the RetrieveOnlyUsedData report property.
Export to HTML, exception on check export settings when export from the code.
Export to HTML. Some problems with the export of images that overlap with the textbox.
Report Engine, When CacheAllData the report property was disabled, then, in some cases, there was the exception when crearing Constraints.
The error with displaying the cross-tab without rows.
SummaryTitle for the CrossTab.
Incorrect calculation of the height of cross rows in some cases.
The error occured when opening the expression editor of the calculated column of the business object.
In the interpreted mode, the aggregate functions by the group for the textbox located at GroupFooter were not working if the GroupFooter was put after the Table component.
Improved work with ColorPicker.
A problem with the automatic changing the size of cross-tab cells with the enabled MaxSize property.
The thickness of the border when defining the size of the cross-tab cells was not considered.
The dependence of the PageNofM localization on the selected values of the Culture property of the report.
Drawing when exporting charts to HTML with set min and max for YAxis.
Animated charts in several iframes.
When the text property AllowHtmlTags is enabled, the symbol "Non Breaking Space" is now handled correctly.
Some problems with the report cache when having Request From User variables.
Export to PDF. Improves processing of errors with the digital signature of the file.
EngineV2. A bug with the calculation of aggregate functions in the interpreted mode with a certain combination of components Table and GroupHeader/Footer.
Engine V2. When docking is enabled for the component, the CanGrow property is now applied again after docking.
Engine V2. The SubReport sizeis now correctly calculated if it is located directly on the page.
In the Chart Edit for Scatter, the Marker Line option was removed.
Some problems with working the RetrieveOnlyUsedData report property.
In the Chart Edit for Scatter Spline Line, the Marker Line option was added.
ReportUnit of external subreport is now converted to ReportUnit of the master report.
The BreakIfTrue property of the Highlight Condition now works correctly in the interpretation mode.
Export to Word. Charts with transparent background are now exported correctly.
On some computers the scale of the system font was incorrectly set. This led to incorrect rendering of some components.
In some cases, the bookmarks did not work at static components of sub-reports.
Engine V2. In some cases, in master-detail reports, when having empty details, aggregate functions were shifted.
Export to SVG. Fractional font sizes were not correctly processed.
Engine. Fixed error of serialization images when using report cache.
Export to HTML. Now the Strikeout property of the font is correctly processed.
Paint background for Gauge.
Export to pdf, exception если задан некорректный hyperlink (длина менее 4 символов). Export to PDF. The exception was thrown if an incorrect hyperlink (the length of at least 4 characters) was set.
Engine V2. Now the UseParentStyles property works more correct and is applied before Conditions.
Export to Excel. By default all sheet tabs were selected.
The ToWordsEs function. The numeral un/uno/una is now correclty selected.
Engine V2. The OnlyText property of the Text component is now works in interpreted mode.
Export to HTML. In some cases, text was smoothed when exported as an image.
Export to PDF. DigitalSignature. The UseLocalMachineCertificates property is now applicable for CertificateData as well.
Export to HTML. The border style "double" now works correct.
Improved output of nested business objects without adding the previous bands.
The Shape component with the style set to None is now displayed correctly and exported to the PDF format.
Some corrections to the Scatter Line chart associated with arguments of the date type.
Reduced the rendering and drawing charts time with large amount of data.
When reopening the StiMap editor, data on the style tab were not visible.
EngineV2, Duplication of detailed BusinessObjects when having the big data structure.
Custom styles were not applied to the StiMap component.
Export to Excel. When using the UseOnePageHeaderAndFooter property and complex headers, in some cases, cells shifted.
Export to pdf. When using the "unsignedsignaturefield" tag, in some cases, the error of export occured.
When uploading invalid user data in the JSON format in the StiMap editor, an unhandled exception was thrown.
A rare bug with displaying the chart using the report template created not in the .NET/WPF version of the product.
In the Text Quality=Wysiwyg mode, the textbox was not output entirely for some fonts, if at least one of the used characters was output in this font.
Export to XPS. Wrong size of pictures when you changing DPI in the export settings.
The ShowMainMenuNew, ShowMainMenuReportOpen, ShowMainMenuReportOpenFromGoogleDocs, ShowMainMenuReportSave, ShowMainMenuReportSaveAs, ShowMainMenuReportSaveAsToGoogleDocs, ShowMainMenuReportPreview, ShowMainMenuCheckForIssues, ShowMainMenuReportSetup, ShowMainMenuClose, ShowMainMenuOptions, ShowMainMenuExit у StiRibbonDesignerControl properties for the Office2013 theme.
The property XAxis -> DateTimeStep->Month for Column Chart.
Export to PDF. Incorrect processing of some checkboxes.
Working of the TopN chart property together with sorting.
The StiSystemVariablesHelper.GetSystemVariables() method now returns not string[] but List. Now the user can dynamically change the list of variables.
Setting the Keys value - Values at Init By: - Expression in the form of New Variable.
Export to OpenOffice Writer. Alignment of rotated text.
Now in the report designer you cannot specify the empty name of the component.
Export to Excel. When using the UseOnePageHeaderFooter property complex headers are now processed correctly.
In some cases there is a compilation report error in the presence of a single expression of several nested functions with multiple parameters.
Incorrect display of diacritical marks and some composite characters when using certain fonts.
Incorrect rendering of AdvancedBorder whan certain thicknesses borders is set.
In the designer, the Show Rules and Show Order buttones were always locked.
The JoinColumnContent(BusinessObject) function now correctly works on the detail-band.
Export to HTML. Now fonts whose name contains a space are exported correctly.
The compilation error when adding Sub-Report parameters simultaneously through the event and menu.
The exception on Page->Duplicate in the designer context menu.
Fixed problems in StiMap with rendering the HeatmapWithGroup type.
The Restrictions (Allow Move) property for TextComponent.
The new report with maps is added in the Demo application.
Work dependent variables. Filtering with initial values.
Export to Excel. The Export Page Breaks option now works correctly.
Export to CSV. Exception in the ExportDocument method in some cases.
Memory leaks in ReportCacheMode.
In some cases, embedded functions in expressions caused exception when compiling the report.
Speed optimization of rendering the Hierarchical band that uses BusinessObject.
Export to PDF. When using the editable fields the exception occired in some cases.
The Drag & Drop of the MDC file in the JSON format did not work in the viewer.
The work of the Prevent Intersection property when rotating Chart Labels.
The Help button is added for the richtext and text editors.
EngineV2. If the container laid directly on the page then the CanGrow did not work for the second and subsequent pages.
Incorrect work of ImageCache for images embedded in the report.
Improved the definition of high system dpi on Windows10 for "only font size" mode.
Export to Excel. Hyperlink on Image now works correctly.
Export to PDF. Editable checkboxes now work correctly if the initial values is not set.
EngineV2. Exception when rendering big StiCrossTab in SubReport.
Command timeout for data source.
Improved drawing series of the Area type when exporting to HTML.
A problem with gaps when rendering the Cross-Tab component.
Portuguese UI localization.
The new event - StiOptions.Designer.Editors.EditDataStoreAdapter.
Portuguese UI localization.
Showing the last values in charts.
When you open the report through the File -> Open in the designer wring report name was output and the path for the subsequent saving was not remembered.
The text zoom if using alignment by the width and anf the Cross-tab component should be squeezed.
The error of alighment in the cross-tab component.
Problems with the alignment when putting the Cross-tab on the band.
When calling the View Data command for the Data based on other Data Source, the filtering was not considered.
Export to HTML. The vertical alignment of the text in the Div/Span mode now works correctly.
The NewDataSource form when disabling MongoDb StiOptions.Dictionary.Connections.ShowMongoDb = false; The SQL category of connections was not displayed.