Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2014.3

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Export to Excel2007 - the exporting parameter RestrictEditing to protect the cell contents from editing.
The new property Restrict Editing for the export to Excel 2007.

Fixed Bugs:

Saving Drill-Down Page for Interaction.
The new editor Cross-Tab could not save relations, sorting and filtering.
The new form for the cross-tab in ReportChecker.
Made some minor fixes in the text rendering in the Wysiwyg mode.
The component Cross-Tab. Fixed a rare vertical offset rows of header data for the columns.
The property DataSource.Count now works correctly in the interpretation mode.
Some small fixes in Report Checker.
Export to Word2007/2013. Fixed a rare bug with the size of the text when exporting the contents of the RichText component.
A rare bug with incorrect rendering of the barcode QR Code with a large volume of data and when using some encoding.
The importing utility reports Import.XtraReports now works correctly with the unit TenthsOfAMillimeter.
Sometimes, during the report design, cross bands fell out of the container.
The bookmark of the page was incorrectly displayed on the bookmark panel.
Export to PDF, if the hyperlink starts with c, then the launch command is used instead of the web link.
VirtualDataSource incorrectly worked if the name of the basic DataSource contained invalid characters.