Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2013.2.1700

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

In CSV export settings dialog added an option of encoding codepages 1250-1256
New properties - Word Wrap and Width for Series Labels of the Chart component
The new function Func.EngineHelper.JoinColumnContent(BusinessObjectName, "ColumnName", delimiter)
The new option StiHtmlExportSettings.PageHorAlignment in the export to HTML
New property DataTimeStep.Interpolation for the chart axis
New chart Funnel Weighted Slices
DBase data source now supports for Memo fields as byte[] arrays
The variable Binding
Export to Word2007 now supports editable fields. To enable it set the static property StiOptions.Export.Word2007.AllowEditable = false;
Width and WordWrap properties for Radar Series
The new property Show In Percent of the SeriesLabels for FullStacked Series
Rendering message will be displayed if the component did not fit on a page and was forcibly split
The new property Format for the Chart Table
The new data adapter Oracle ODP.NET Managed


The Flate mode of compression images is 30-40% faster in the export to PDF
Optimization of rendering cross-tabs, that are put on the band (for large cross-tab speed increased up to 1.5 - 2 times)
Optimization of rendering large sub-reports and cross-tabs (for large reports increase in speed up to 2 - 3 times)
A message is now displayed instead of an error when exporting to files to what there is no access
Huge changes in the importing tool from SharpShooter reports to Stimulsoft
Huge changes in the importing tool from DevExpress reports to Stimulsoft
Displaying Values ​​instead of Keys in Request from User variables of the type List when the Allow User Values is diabled. Removed the keys in the drop-down list when the user request
A new view of export settings in dialog forms

Fixed Bugs:

When creating the auto series for Bubble and Scatter Series data with the same arguments were missed
AllowHtmlTags now work in the Frames mode when exporting to RTF
Trimming in the Wysiwyg textquality mode
Exception when postprocessing an empty report in EngineV1
Support for sorting of BusinessObjects, as well as the moving Columns in the tree in the Dictionary
Back compatibility. Not assigned borders in conditions for old versions
An issue with images in the ExportDataOnly mode in the export to Excel/Excel2007
Font strikeout in condition was not wroking, if only font strikeout was set for the font
Totals calculation by nested fields of BusinessObjects
Improved processing the wordwrap in the export to HTML. Solved a problem with very long words
Sum by the group when using StiBusinessObject
Optimization of loading packed documents in the cached mode
Null in the DateTime field is now written according to the specification in the export to DBF
StackOverflow exception when compiling very large reports
Exception in some cases in the ExportDataOnly/ExportEachPageToSheet mode in the export to Excel
An issue with the Show Total property of the column in the Cross-Tab component, if there are several columns
Export to HTML. Improved processing of textbox margins
Showing axis when using the Show X Axis and Show Y Axis properties
The PageViewModeChanged event in StiViewerControl
Reset of the ReportResources property of StiReport before saving a report to theto a class for Silverlight
Some issues with the StiVirtual Datasource in the interpreted mode
Export to PDF, there was rarely AccessViolation exception on DigitalSignature in multithread application
Encoding of national symbols in the DataMatrix barcode
Some errors in the calculation of aggregate functions using business objects
Some Rich Text rendering issues on Windows 8
An issue with rendering various types of Series Labels when rotating them
Interaction Sorting Column for Business Objects
Some problems with the comments in the script events when compiling reports
Export to TXT. An issue with some HTML tags
The Detail band in the sub-report, which lies on the ChildBand of MasterBand, now works correctly
StiOptions.Viewer.Windows.ShowToolbar did not hide the ToolBar of the Viewer
Some issues in the calculation of aggregate functions using business objects
Support for ChartTable for ClusteredColumn Series
Saving values AutoSaveInterval and EnableAutoSaveMode in the Options Form
Import.CrystalReports, some issue with the non-standard page size
In the export to HTML pagebreaks now work in Chrome
The HeaderPrintOnAllPages property in subreports and containers
Export to HTML, some issues with displaying in IE8-IE10
The Designer with the theme Office 2013 was not running under Windows XP
The value of a variable of the guid type was not applied to the report from the panel RequestFromUsers
Processing data for all autoseries, when applying theTopN property
Showing extreme values ​​in combination with the property Labels -> Step
Background of Shapes now exported correctly in HTML
Exception when exporting metafiles in MediumTrust
Verbatim string literals (like @"hello") now work correctly
Displaying charts when rotation