Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2009.2.500

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Some improvements in StiRibbonGuiService
A new StyleDesigner application is added
Some improvements in the Cross-Tab editor
New static events: StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.LoadingStylesInDesigner, StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.SavingStylesInDesigner
New total functions are added. They are SumTime, AvgTime, MinTime, and MaxTime
Some improvements in the report engine
Now barcodes such as Code128a, Code128b, EAN-128a, EAN-128b accept "FNC1" the command
StiFunctions.RemoveFunction is added
Some improvements in the Style Designer
A StiOptions.Designer.PreviewHtmlExportMode new static property is added
A new Data from Cross-Tab type of datasource
Export to MS Power Point is added
Now the PDF export store in file version of report engine
Exports to the SVG format is added
A new MetaTags property is added to report
Now you can create new data sources directly in report wizards
Now you can export to BMP in the monochrome mode
A new ProcessingDuplicates property is added to the Image component
A new Royal Mail 4-state barcode is added
The Encrypted report is added
A new SeriesLabels.ValueTypeSeparator property is added to the Chart component
A new ShowPercents property is added to the Cross Summary
A new StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.GetDrillDownReport global event is added
The localization in Arabic is added
New Connecting, Connected, Disconnecting, Disconnected events are added to the connection object in the report dictionary


Some improvements in Style Designer
Some improvements in the export to PDF
Some improvements in the New DataSource dialog
Some improvements in the New DataSource Wizard
Some improvements in the PDF export
Some changes in the Cross-Tab engine
Some updates in the Dot-Matrix Mode
The RichTextBox now supports transparent color
Some changes in the WinViewer
Some improvements in work with Guid parameters
Some modifications in the report code editor
Some optimization of context menu of tab item’s in the report designer.
Some optimizations in print provider
Some improvements in Installer.exe

Fixed Bugs:

Some bugs with localization of toolbars
Bug with saving properties from Interaction in Cross-Tab
Some problems with lexer analyzer and big reports
Some problems with Lock and Link properties in the standard GUI
Small bugs with the Restrictions property
Bugs with DockStyle GUI in the reports designer
Some problems with printing
Some problems with series title
Some bugs in styles drawing
Some problems with shortcuts in the report designer
Some problems with StartFromZero properties in charts
A bug with the Duplicate function in the reports designer
A problem with switching localization in the report designer with standard GUI mode
Some changes in the total calculation
Now exports to PDF and EMF support rotated text
Some improvements in the text export
Now exports to PDF and RTF support Bold-style fonts
Some problems with the designer configuration
Some bugs in the RTF import
Some bugs with the CacheAllData property and relations
Some problems with the Drag&Drop in the report dictionary
Some problems with the EngineV2 and Footers
Some bugs with the Cross-Tab component
Now the export to HTML supports styles for hypelinks
Some bugs with the DataBand and ChildBand
Some corrections in the EngineV2
Some problems with the Guid types
Some problems with the HierarchicalBand
Some problems with the IIF function
Some corrections in work with business objects
Some corrections in work with nullable types
Some errors with the CrossTab component
Some bugs with the FooterBand and Running Totals
Some bugs with the FootersOnAllPages property
Some problems with the report EngineV2 and the report Cache
Some bugs with the HierarchicalBand and Detail Bands
Some fixes in export to DBF, CSV and XML
Some fixes in exports
Some fixes in formatting the TimeSpan values
Some fixes in ODT and ODS exports
Some bugs with the KeepReportSummaryTogether property
Some modifications in Web Dialogs
Some problems with the StiWebViewer in Ajax mode
Some fixes in the report engine
Some fixes in the report engine V2
Some bugs with the progress bar in the WebViewer
Some fixes in the report EngineV2
Some fixes in the RTF export
Some bugs with the Properties function in the context menu
Some problems with the totals calculation in hierarchical reports
Some problems with the UnlimitedHeight property and the NewPageBefore property
Some fixes regarding the Close button in the report designer
Some problems in interactions reports
Some problems in the EngineV1
Some improvements in Cross-Tab component work
Some problems with value variable in CrossTab conditions
Some problems in the Text Editor
Some problems in the TimeSpan formatting
Some problems with business objects
Some problems with custom styles in Charts
Some bugs with the UseLastFormat function
Some problems with dialogs
Some improvements in report Engine V2
Some problems with EngineV2, Master-Detail reports and SkipFirst property