Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2006.4

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New Components
New HorizontalLinePrimitive component.
New VerticalLinePrimitive component. This component can work in traversal mode.
New RectanglePrimitive component. This component can work in traversal mode.
Export to dbf (dBase/FoxPro) is added.
Export to mht (WebArchive) is added.
Now excel export supports images.
Now you can create encrypted pdf files with passwords.
Now underline fonts successfully exports to pdf.
New rtf export mode - Table.
Special option of export to rtf - Page Headers and Footers.
All segmented pages will be divided when exporting.
Export to xml is fully redesigned.
Now rtf text exports to pdf as a text. This feature radically decrease size of result files.
New ExportAsImage property is added to the StiText.
New types of charts - SteppedLine and SteppedLineArea.
Conditions for each series (Conditions property).
Sorting of values and arguments with property (SortDirection and SortBy properties).
Filtering of values and arguments (Filters property).
Now you can create series automatically.
New Width for columns and bars property.
New UseSeriesColor property.
The Range property for each axis.
The Step property for each axis.
Special StiOptions.Print.ChartAsBitmap property.
Special StiOptions.Engine.RenderChartAsImage property.
The ProcessAtEnd property for processing charts at end of report rendering.
New StiSeriesLabels.ShowValue property.
New StiSeriesLabels.LegendValueType property.
New StiProcessChartEvent event in chart.
New PrintDestination at WebViewer property. This property allows you to select type of printing in web. You can print to pdf file, to popup window or directly to printer.
New StiWebViewer.HtmlCharSet property. This property allows you to select the CharSet for resulting files.
New ScrollBarsMode in StiWebViewer property.
New ShowPageBorders in StiWebViewer property.
IsImageRequest is obsolete.
Now you can preview and print reports in dot-matrix mode.
With new Report.PreviewSettings property you can adjust behavior of Preview Window.
With new Report.PrinterSettings property you can adjust printer settings.
Intellisense to text expression editor.
Subscript and superscript to rtf editor.
New Label Wizard. This wizard helps you create report with labels.
Fully redesigned UI of filters of databands.
Fully redesigned UI of sortings of databands.
Fully redesigned UI System Text Editor.
Updated standard report wizard.
Now you can sort items in dictionary.
Fully redesigned UI of sorting.
New image editor.
New StiOptions.Designer.RunWizardAfterLoad property.
Report engine now supports IDictionary.
Report engine now supports ICustomTypeDescriptor.
New unique ability - you can create new datasource based on another datasource.
New database adapter - MySql data adapter.
New system variables: LineRoman, LineABC.
Conditions - new property for each component. This property helps you adjust quality of components when report rendering.
New GlobalizedStrings property - this property allows you to fully localize report with special editor for different languages.
New AutoScale property in BarCodes.
The StiGroupHeaderBand.SortDirection property. This property adjust sorting of data in groups.
New ResetPageNumber property. With this property you can reset page number when report rendering.
The StartNewPage property is added to the HeaderBand and to the FooterBand.
The CanBreak property is added to the HeaderBand and GroupHeaderBand.
New StiBarCode.ShowLabelText property.
New StiReport.SubReports property for printing report which contains other reports.
The Tag property for the StiReport.
The StiConfig.Engine.UseGdi32ForTextRendering property.
Progress bar is added for exporting, saving, loading and rendering operations.
The StiComponent.PrintOn property.
Now you can place a cross-tab on a databand.
The StiPage.PageHeadersFootersFromPrevPage property.
The StiPage.Watermark.Enabled property.
Watermark's image is added
Now variable can contain an image.
New expression is added to Image - ImageData.
New property is added to the StiRichText.FullConvertExpression.
New Function for variable property.
New Exporting, Exported, Printing, Printed events to a report.
New ShrinkFontToFit property to the Text component.
New ShrinkFontToFitMinimumSize property to the Text component.
New StiReport.ReportCacheMode property.
Now you can place Crossband anywhere.
Line for groups is supported.
Improved work of the ProcessingDuplicates property.
WYSIWYG property is replaced by new TextQuality property. All old reports will be converted automatically.