Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.40

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Special pack for each version of .Net Framework: .Net Framework 1.0, .Net Framework 1.1 and .Net Framework 2.0.
The new StiCrossTab component. This component allows you to create compound cross reports quickly. In the Demo application a lot of samples of how to use this component are represented.
The new StiEmptyBand band. When printing, this band fills the empty space on a page. EmptyBand fits you for rendering reports - typographical forms as an example. In Demo you will find the category of reports created with use of Reports with EmptyBands. Reports of this category show the new EmptyBand band usage. And also show the PrintAtBottom category usage.
Export to Csv of a rendered report is added.
New property PrintAtBottom. This property allows you to print data footers or footers of grouping on the bottom of a page. The property is added to GroupFooter and Footer bands.
New property StiText.AutoWidth. This property is created for correct processing of text component size changing.
New property StiShape.Style. This property is used for identification of Shape components border style.
New property PrintOnEvenOddPages. The StiHeaderBand, StiFooterBand, StiPageHeaderBand and StiPageFooterBand are added. The property controls of bands printing on even and odd pages.
New property StiText.RenderTo. In this property the Text component is specified. In the Text component the text that was not put in the current Text component will be output. Documentation is updated.
New property StiPage.PrintOnPreviousPage. The value of this property specifies that the page will be rendered starting with the free space of the previous page.
New property PrintIfEmpty. StiReportTitleBand and StiSummaryBand properties are available. The value of this property specifies whether bands will be output even if there are no data on a page.
The new Page Size function in the window of preview. This function allows you to change parameters of a page directly in the window of preview.
Translation the interface into German, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America) is added.
The new StiReport.CacheAllData property is added. If to set this property in true then all data, before rendering, will be loaded in one DataSet. This allows you to create relations between data of different sources.
The new StiReport.ConvertNulls property is added. The property indicates whether it is necessary to convert null and DBNull values in values by default.
The system queries are updated. The new ReconnectOnEachRow property is added into all sql data sources. If to set the value of this property in true then, before rendering of each new group in Master-Detail reports, data source will be renewed.
In the window of new connection with the data base a new ability to verify connection is added.
In Rtf export some parameters of compatibility for more correct text output are included.
The following report samples: Multi-Column Group, Master-Detail with Null Height.


After export to Rtf the document is opened in the page layout mode by default.
Work with the data dictionary is updated. The Dictionary bookmark is removed. All functions now can be found in the Dictionary docking window.
Improved the speed of report rendering.
The formation of names relations is changed.
When importing the scheme, adding the scheme, adding the dictionary and synchronization names of data and relations are checked on duplicates. If duplicates of names are identified then names correction occurs.
Added support a text angle in exporting to PDF.
Tree of bookmarks support is added in PDF.
Hyperlinks support is added in PDF.
Drag&Drop full support in the text and expressions editor is added.
Redesign the window of editing the highlight condition.
The system of work with data is updated. Now filters and sorting can be applied to the data source of any type.
Improved export to txt.
Simplified the interface of all exports.
Work with images, primitives and RTF objects in all exports is updated.

Fixed Bugs:

The PrintIfEmpty property .
The error of closing the report designer while opening another report.
Incorrect sorting in columns with names with blanks is fixed.
Incorrect saving of DESC sorting is fixed.
The error when quitting the repot designer in .Net 2 is fixed.
Incorrect work of the DockStyle toolbar is fixed.
There was incorrect exporting of a page with landscape orientation in the Rtf.
In Rtf export the calculation of the frame size in the Frames mode is fixed.
Improved the export to Rtf.
Incorrect view of data sources from XML Database is fixed.
Incorrect report loading with custom border color is fixed.
Incorrect StiCounterText component output.
Error of compilation when using the VB.Net as a script language jointly with the RichText or multiline text objects.
Error of the MasterComponent property setting of the PropertyGrid is fixed.
Incorrect rendering of the tree of bookmarks in the window of preview.
Small bugs.