Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.30

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New reports creation in the Designer is completely updated. Now you can choose four ways of report creation. They are: a blank report, a report, based on template, a report creation with use of master of report creation and previously saved report loading.
Stimulsoft Reports.Net is translated into French, Italian and Portuguese (Brazil) languages.
The first part of documentation with description of report creation is added.
New text editor, code editor, expressions editor, and sql queries editor. Syntax highlighting, outlining and many other features are supported.
New ability to calculate totals in a column is added. For this you should put a new component with an aggregate function in the ColumnHeader band or the ColumnFooter band.
New ability Quick Info is added to output various information about components. Due to this feature editing in the Designer has become quicker and handy. The control button with the new feature can be found on the toolbar - Standard.
Now Stimulsoft Reports.Net supports WYSIWYG for the text. For control use the WISIWYG property of the Text component.
New property - StiReport.ReportDataSources. Using this property you can add data sources for the report directly to VisualStudio.Net.
A few report templates are added to Demo.
Export to XML format of a rendered report is added.
When exporting reports to PDF format, national symbols are supported.
When exporting reports to PDF format, Unicode support (Acrobat 5 and higher) is supported.
A PDF file packing is added.
In the export dialog, the option for using only built-in fonts of PDF is added.
A new ability to build in fonts being used into the PDF file.
A new ability to drag the data source from the data dictionary on a page is added.
Now for creating components you can drag a component from the toolbar on a page or on form.
Export from the window of preview is updated.
New property StiReport.ManualBookmark. This property allows you to build a tree of bookmarks by custom.
New property - StiPage.LargeHeight. Using this property you can set a very big height for a page in the Designer. This allows you to put maximal number of bands on a page when report designing.
New static property - StiDesigner.DontAskSaveReport. If to set this property in true then when you exit the designer the save dialog box will not be displayed.
Three new static events - StiDesigner.LoadingDesigner, StiDesigner.ClosingDesigner and StiDesigner.ClosedDesigner are added.
New property - StiWebViewer.RtfCodePage. This property allows to specify the code page for the Rtf export.
New property - StiWebViewer.PdfEmbeddedFont. This property controls of fonts inclusion in to the PDF file.
New property - StiWebViewer.PdfStandardFonts. This property controls of using standard fonts in the PDF file.
New events - ColumnBeginRender and ColumnEndRender. ColumnBeginRender - occurs when the column rendering starts. ColumnEndRender - occurs when the column rendering finishes.
The new Auto Connect in Designer property into options of Designer is added. This property controls of automatic connection with data.
The new Show Used Objects is added. This property controls of highlighting of objects used in the dictionary designer.
New static property - StiConfig.DefaultReportConfigPath. This property allows you to specify the path for saving report configurations.
New static property - StiDesigner.DefaultDesignerConfigPath. This property allows you to specify the path for saving designer configurations.
New static property - StiDesigner.DefaultDockingPanelsConfigPath. This property allows you to specify the path for saving docking panels configurations.
New button to Dictionary Designer Export Xml Data. It allows you to save all data from the dictionary as Xml files.
Automatic calculation of a check digit on EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A bar-codes.


Attention! Stimulsoft Reports.Net is no longer supports modifiers. Modifiers can be automatically removed from a report while loading. All reports with use of the CompleAllIfCompleteThis modifier will work without correction.
Attention! A new principle in the CopyStyle tool work. Now you should select a component for copying style and then choose the CopyStyle tool. After this you may copy the style for other components.
Improved the HTML export compatibility with the FireFox browser.
Improved the HTML export in the span mode.
The View Data function in the data dictionary is updated. This function displays data from all data sources except the UserData.
Overall optimization of a report generator work with memory.
The system of a size control and component position using cursor keys is improved. Now when you hold down the Control key the position of a component is being changed by one grid spacing. When you hold down the Shift key the component is being scaled up or down by one grid spacing. When you hold down both Control and Alt keys the position of the component is being changed by one lower-range value of a unit. When you hold down both Shift and Alt keys the component is being scaled up and down by o
Resize and repositioning via using mouse is improved. Now, if to click and hold down the Alt key, then the size and position will be changed, and alignment to grid will be ignored.
Now there is no need to call the ScriptUpdate method. This method is called automatically before compilation.
Now for creating components you can drag a component from the toolbar on a page.
Corrected the report generator work in multithread environment.
Updated page size setup when printing.
Improved the StiLogService service. Now it records logs in Trace. The speed of work is improved.
Improved the conversion of one type of data into the another one in the data dictionary.
Improved null values or DBNull values processing in the data dictionary.

Fixed Bugs:

Incorrect calculation of control sum in Code128 bar-codes.
Incorrect rendering of nested groups, sometimes.
Incorrect work of the HideZeros property and report export into other formats.
Report creation from the compiled assembly in Asp.Net.
Problem with saving the value of the PrintIfEmpty properties of the Footer and ColumnFooter bands.
Incorrect calculation of the Column system variable when column in the DownThenAcross mode output.
Repaired error in the StiCheck component work.
Incorrect behavior of the editor of the SystemText component.
Problem of incorrect output of properties in Properties after zoom has been changed.
Problem of incorrect selection after copying components while holding down the Control key.
Problem of incorrect dialog boxes height of a report when XP themes are turned on.
Problem with a report loading. In the BeginRenderEvent event of a report, after a new report has been loaded, a script remained.