Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.20

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Full support of ITypedList.
Calculated columns.
New Property - StiImage.Image. This property allows saving a picture in the body of a report template.
New Property - StiComponent.Shift. This property allows to control of the component shift.
New Property - StiComponent.GrowToHeight. This property allows to control of the object height so as its bottom margin is always to be the bottom margin of container in which this component is positioned.
New Property - UseLastFormat in Designer options. If the property is switched on then, when creating a new component, it has the format of the previous component.
New Property - StiMainMenuService.MainMenuType. This property allows to setup main menu in the Report Designer.
New Property - StiDataBand.CalcInvisible. Depending on the value of property, rows which were hidden while aggregate values calculation can be either taken or not.
New Property - Visible for all objects of a dictionary such as DataSource, DataRelation, Column and Variable.
New Property - StiRichText.BackColor.
New Property - StiReport.PreviewControl.
New static property - StiReport.HideMessages. If to set true for this option then the report generator messages will not be shown.
New static property - StiPropertyGridLocalizationService.AlwaysLocalize.
New static property - StiConfig.AutoSynchronizing. It allows turning on/off automatic synchronization of configuration. Attention! If you, when configuring, used removal of services from configuration then set False for this property. It is recommended that instead of removal of service from configuration it is better turn off service using ServiceEnabled.
New static property - StiDictionary.AutoSynchronizing. It allows to control of automatic synchronization of a data dictionary and data store. Synchronization starts right after the Designer is run and, also, after a report is loaded in the Designer.
New static property - StiDictionary.RemoveUnused. It allows to control of automatic removal from dictionary of data unused. Removal occurs right after the Designer is closed.
New static events - StiDesigner.SavingReport, StiDesigner.LoadingReport, StiDesigner.SavingPage, StiDesigner.LoadingReport. These events allow to intercept save and load report events or save and load current page events.
New static events - StiPreviewControl.SavingDocument, StiPreviewControl.LoadingDocument. These events allows to intercept save and load document events.
Ability of component navigation on a page. For this use cursor keys.
When you press Enter key, the selected component converts the selected component of the "Text" type into the mode of editing on a page.
When both Enter and Control keys are pressed it runs the Designer for the selected component by default.
Tools setup.
Highlight of components which have events.
Show events in the Report Tree.
The ability to print a report without dialog box calling is added.
The service StiMainMenuService is updated. Ability to control of all main menu elements visibility in the Report Designer.
All services of the Toolbar are updated. Ability to control of visibility of all buttons of every toolbar.
The service StiPropertyGridEventsTabService is added. It allows to control of visibility of Events bookmarks of the PropertyGrid panel.
The statistic method StiConfig.Restore is added. It allows restoring configuration by default.
The static method StiConfig.Synchronize is added. It allows synchronizing configuration.
New ability to build dialog forms directly in the report designer. Use of Grid, Label, TextBox, GroupBox, Button, RadioButton, CheckBox, ListBox, ComboBox, CheckedListBox, DateTimePicker, NumericUpDown, PictureBox and Panel controls is available.
Export in Adobe Pdf format is added.
Ability to edit reports in Table Mode. This mode allows editing reports as tables.
New mode to show grid. For switching use Options of the Report Designer.
Tab Preview in the Window of Designer.
Tab Dictionary Designer in the Window of Designer.
New samples of a report.
New examples of applications.
Virtual tables.
Support Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2.


FAQ update.
The service StiDesignerConfigService is updated. Properties serve to control of Preview and Dictionary Designer bookmarks.
Variable may create without creation of Category.
Improved Services Configurator. Ability to synchronize services is added.
Improved PreviewControl.
Improved expression editor.
Improved SubReport.
Improved Dictionary Designer.
Improved DataSource Edit.
Improved SubReport.
Improved rtf export. RichText is exported as rtf object.
Improved the system of report building.
Improved the system of print.
Improved the system of events calling.
Improved Designer velocity.

Fixed Bugs: