Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.06

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New window DataBand for edition which contains ability to edit DataSource, DataRelation, MasterComponent and Sort.
Method StiDictionary.Synchronize allows to synchronize the content of the DataStore and Dictionary.
Oracle support (only for .Net 1.1).
Odbc support (only for .Net 1.1).
Firebird Database support (on Firebird .NET Data Provider).
New Properties ShowDictionary, ShowConfigurator, ShowDataStore, ShowModifiers, ShowPagesManager.
StiMainMenuService controls of Designer's main menu.
New menu item in the Designer View.LockDockingPanels.
New menu item in the Designer View.Toolbars.OrderToolbars.
Capability to add components into the report by Double Click on fields in Dictionary.


Improving ReportTree Window.
Improving Dictionary Window.
Improving DictionaryDesigner.
Updated methods of export.

Fixed Bugs:

Edit Category.
Localizing Preview Window.
Small bugs.