Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.04

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New StiGlobal class - its allows simple using of external classes in report script.
New StiSqlAdapter, method RegData was updated - RegData(string name, SqlConnection connection).
Improved work with data. Now if the described relation is not present in DataSet then it will be created.
Copying component when moving with pressed Control key.
New StiConfig class, properties - StiReport.Services, StiReport.DontSaveConfig, methods - StiReport.SaveConfig, StiReport.LoadConfig, events - StiReport.SavingConfig, StiReport.LoadingConfig, moved to StiConfig class.


Panel Toolbox replace by toolbar Toolbox.

Fixed Bugs:

Bugs with drawing UI in Designer.
Bug in StiCodeDomeSerializator.
Small bugs.