Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2019.1.1

Published on 18 December 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New maps - South America, USA and Canada, North America.
New functions were added - StrToDateTime, StrToNullableDateTime and TryParseDateTime.


ReportChecker. Two irrelevant checks for images were removed.
Improved string to DateTime conversion.

Fixed Bugs:

Printing of a report to PDF in the Firefox browser.
ViewData requested all data sources, and then once again the needed one.
EngineV2. The state of the Enabled property of the page is not restored after Condition is applied.
In some cases, if there were hyperlinks incorrectly set, the corrupted file could be obtained.
A bug with ColorEach in maps in the preview.
Export to Word/Excel. The exception occurred, if image was null.
Some errors when handling null values in the report engine.
Filters. In the "Data is Expression" mode, the conditions "contains" / "begin with" did not work.