Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2016.1

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for images in Watermark.
The preview in the JS Designer replaced on the fully functional viewer.
The grid to the page in the JS Designer.
The Duplicate item is added in the page context menu of the JS Designer.
The styles tab to create data wizard in the JS Designer.
The current version is saved to the report template.
Support for variable list types.
Print as PDF, Print with Preview for HTML5 Viewer and Designer.
The adapter to connect to PostgreSQL.


Updated localization.

Fixed Bugs:

Error with zero values when rendering a line chart.
A problem with saving designer options.
A bug with applying the styles collection in the Designer JS.
Converting images when exporting from JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP. Only in webkit version and async mode.
Fixed loading of the textformat.
Modified security of querystring.
Some issues with loading JSON.
Error with text wrapping in the designer.
Error with defining the text measure in node.js and nw.js.
Error with the Boolean type in the TextFormat.
Error with the Date type in the TextFormat.
Error with exporting Arabic characters in PDF.
The problem with not saving the designer options to cookies.
A bud with applying the styles collection.
Showing several unicode characters in the designer.
The date was not correctly defined in DateTimeFormat.
Processing DBNull values in expressions. This is added for the compatibility with .NET reports.
The problem with the custom font.
Styles from xml mrt were not loaded.
Issue with the date (time) parsing.
Issue with checking DBNull.
The viewer is embedded in the tab of the designer.
Loading mastercomponent from the XL template.
Loading filters from the XML template.
Loading conditions from the XML template.
Loading variables from the XML template.
Work of the Contains functions.
Alignment of am image in preview.
Displaying transparent styles.
Stack overflow when sending the exported report on the server side.
Some errors of dateTimeFormat.
The {Today} function could through an incorrect date.
The problem with the displacement of the text when viewing the report.
When loading the report, some elements of the chart might be styled improperly.
Speed up the rendering of reports with complex data sets.