Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2020.4

Published on 07 August 2020
New Features
1.Added the new functions: "FromOADate", "ToOADate". 
2.The new "Show Blanks" option is added to the "Combo Box", "List Box", "Tree View" and "Tree View Box" dashboard elements. 
3.The "View Data" button is added to each element in the dashboard viewer. 
4.Added ability to use "Icons Set" for charts in reports. 
5.Update the interaction features for the "Indicator" element on the dashboards. 
6.Added sorting for "Indicator" and "Progress" dashboard elements. 
7.Added the "Quickbook" connection form. 
8.Added the "OpenLinksWindow" option for dashboard interaction hyperlinks. 
9.Added the hyperlink options for the "Indicator" dashboard element. 
10.Added the "Trend Line Color" property for the chart style.  2020.4.2
11.Added a new "Box and Whisker" chart.  2020.4.2
12.Added "Conditions" for the "Progress" dashboard element.  2020.4.2

1.Filtering optimization for multiple data rows.  2020.4.2
2.Splitting projects for correct compilation of .NET Core source codes on Linux and macOS systems.  2020.4.2
3.Increased security of "Web Viewer" and "Web Designer" components when using some types of parameters in URL requests.  2020.4.2

Fixed Bugs
1.Fixed incorrect date types processing in the filters of the dashboard. 
2.Fixed some issues with Null values in filters of dashboard elements. 
3.Some issues with null values are resolved in dashboard filters. 
4.Fixed transfer of cookies when loading file data. 
5.Fixed the issue with clearing data relation collection. 
6.Fixed showing sparkline in the "Table" element using SVG. 
7.Fixed some issues with conditions for the "Gantt" chart. 
8.Fixed a bug with a trial in the "Report Checker" preview. 
9.Fixed issues with alignment in the WYSIWYG editor. 
10.Fixed supporting for the drill-down single page mode. 
11.Fixed the "Pivot Table" summary column names.  2020.4.2
12.Fixed some issues with the "Range" axis mode for the "Radar" charts.  2020.4.2
13.Fixed some issues with the data filtering for "Treemap" charts.  2020.4.2
14.Fixed some issues with the displaying percent on the "Radar" charts.  2020.4.2
15.Fixed some issues with the supported multi-series for the "Waterfall" chart.  2020.4.2
16.Fixed some issues with displaying the correct color for the "Dougnut" chart when using conditions.  2020.4.2
17.Fixed some issues with the conditions for "Treemap" charts.  2020.4.2
18.Fixed some issues with the PDF printing in the last Firefox version.  2020.4.2