Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2019.3

Published on 20 May 2019
New Features
1.Conditions Property to ChartElement.  2019.3.4
2.ShowToolbar property of the Designer.  2019.3.4
3.SeriesShowBorder property of the Chart Style.  2019.3.4
4.ConstantLines Property for Chart Element.  2019.3.4
5.CloseDesignerWithoutAsking property to HTML5 designer.  2019.3.4
6.Labels property for Chart Element.  2019.3.4
7.Support export to JSON data.  2019.3.4
8.Add half cycle marker type to chart series.  2019.3.5
9.The Icon Alignment property for the Indicator element.  2019.3.5
10.Help links in editors of dashboard elements.  2019.3.5
11.Totals to table elements.  2019.3.5
12.Custom Maps.  2019.3.5
13.The Designer Scale Mode option is added to the designer options.  2019.3.5
14.A selection of different icons for the Pictorial series.  2019.3.5
15.Publishing for Angular 6 and 7 versions. 
16.Displaying filters in the corner of dashboard elements.  2019.3.5
17.Change the type button to dashboard elements.  2019.3.5
18.Drill down interactions for dashboards. 
19.The Icon property for Pictorial charts.  2019.3.5
20.New Taiwan and Argentina maps. 
21.New styles - Silver and AliceBlue for dashboards. 
22.The Scale Content property for dashboards. 
23.New iif, choose and switch functions were added.  2019.3.6
24.Additional conditions for the string types were added.  2019.3.6
25.The Full Row Select and Drill-Down Filtered options were added to the table element interaction.  2019.3.6
26.Now you may use icons for Image.  2019.3.6
27.New filter types in Data Transformation for string types - between, greater than, less than.  2019.3.6
28.Support for Nullable Date in Data Transformation filters.  2019.3.6
29.Europe Union and Europe maps.  2019.3.6
30.New properties - Icon and IconColor are added for StiImage and StiImageElement.  2019.3.6
31.The Sort button is added to the element's action buttons.  2019.3.7
32.A new item in the menu File -> Help, where you can find links to user manuals, videos, samples and other helpful resources.  2019.3.2
33.The ability to save an image from the image editor.  2019.3.3
34.The Edit Expression button is added to all expression fields.  2019.3.3
35.The Interaction property for the Image and Text elements.  2019.3.3
36.CloseDesignerWithoutAsking property to the HTML5 Designer.  2019.3.4
37.Data from Other Data Source is supported in Dashboards.  2019.3.4
38.SeriesShowBorder property for the chart style.  2019.3.4

1.Recombining properties in the propertry grid.  2019.3.4
2.Creating a new database based on resources. 
3.The appearance of marker display for linear chart types has beed changed.  2019.3.5
4.Stimulsoft Designer is adopted for hi-res scaling resolutions.  2019.3.5
5.The new way to display labels on maps in RegionMap. 
6.Speed optimizations in rendering dashboards.  2019.3.7
7.Improved table export to all image formats.  2019.3.7
8.The TopN button is added to the element's action buttons.  2019.3.7
9.Adaptation of the designer and viewer for HiDpi resolution.  2019.3.3
10.Some improvements of Drill-down reports from the Dashboards.  2019.3.4

Fixed Bugs
1.Issue with buttons hiding outside of the Dashboard.  2019.3.4
2.Marker property for Chart Element.  2019.3.4
3.Some problems with Postgre Sql Connections.  2019.3.5
4.A bug with Hyperlinks for dashboard table cells. 
5.A bug with Format in the filter of a dashboard element.  2019.3.5
6.The error occurred when changing the chart type in .NET Core 2.1 and higher. 
7.The error occurred when publishing a report with maps in the JS framework. 
8.Displaying labels with a value of Format when animating charts.  2019.3.5
9.The show border property for charts.  2019.3.5
10.The work of the Style property for Chart Labels.  2019.3.5
11.The transfer of parameters from a series of the Donut type did not work.  2019.3.5
12.Improvements in the expression calculation in the dashboards. 
13.Problems with loading HIDPI images.  2019.3.5
14.The problem with caching dashboards.  2019.3.5
15.A bug with Save Page As. 
16.Support for Request From User variables in dashboards. 
17.A bug with showing a report rendering progress in the report designer in a HiDPI environment.  2019.3.6
18.Bugs with groupmap and heatmap with group. 
19.Color Each for Bubble Series.  2019.3.6
20.A bug with multi-level drill-down.  2019.3.6
21.Save positions and selecting cell in the table after filtering.  2019.3.6
22.Some issues with position of the report checker in some situations.  2019.3.7
23.Incorrect column names when exporting a table to data files (XML, JSON, CSV and others).  2019.3.7
24.Improved export of dashboards to Excel, fixed styles when exporting dashboards and individual elements.  2019.3.7
25.Some issues with calculation of variables in SQL Queries.  2019.3.2
26.Some issues with datetime filters.  2019.3.2
27.Some issues with filters.  2019.3.2
28.Support for formats for axis in charts.  2019.3.2
29.A stackoverflow bug with some reports.  2019.3.7
30.Export of indicators in a table with width enabled stretching.  2019.3.2
31.The catching of the incorrect storing type and wrong data row processing.  2019.3.2
32.Some issues with viewing the JSON data in report resources which cannot be parsed as data.  2019.3.2
33.Some problems with the DistinctCountIf function.  2019.3.2
34.Incorrect expression escaping was fixed in the Data Transformation property of an element.  2019.3.2
35.Incorrect height of some headers.  2019.3.3
36.Incorect working with 'code tab visible' property in the designer.  2019.3.3
37.Some issues with proxy settings.  2019.3.3
38.Hotkeys stopped working.  2019.3.4
39.Some troubles with saving position of the Designer.  2019.3.4
40.Issue with Drill-down parameters from chart in Dashboards.  2019.3.4
41.Duplicated parameter names aren't created more in the sql source editor form.  2019.3.4