Author: Andrew Savin
The new version of Stimulsoft products will be released very soon, but in the meantime we would like to introduce you to its main new features. So in the 2022.4 version you will find:
3d chart

New 3D charts

The first 3D chart (3D Pie) appeared in our products in version 2022.1. In the upcoming version you will find new 3D charts: 3D Clustered Column, 3D Stacked Column and 3D Full-stacked Column. We have also prepared several new features, which will be available very soon.

3d chart

Electronic and digital signature

In the 2022.4 version two new components will appear – Digital and Electronic signature. Electronic signature allows you to sign a report when it is developed or viewed, while digital signature is designed to add a digital signature to a report using Adobe PDF tools after it has been converted to a PDF document.

3d chart

GS1 Barcodes

In the 2022.4 version, our products will contain GS1 standard barcodes – DataMatrix and QR Code. Information in these barcodes is recorded using special commands that will be added to new barcodes automatically.
These and many other changes and improvements are coming very soon in the 2022.4. version.
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