Author: Tim Crawford
Starting with version 2022.3, the Stimulsoft report designer for macOS supports the work with the M series of computer chips designed by Apple Inc.

After the transition of Apple devices to the M series, many popular applications like browsers, video and photo editors, and office programs have been optimized to run natively on computers and laptops with new processors. A special Rosetta 2 emulator was developed to run other macOS applications, which somewhat reduced the speed of running programs.

In version 2022.3, our report designer for Mac has been optimized to work natively with devices using M series chips without additional emulation, significantly improving its performance and making your work with data more efficient. Also, this optimization increases the security of stored data, increases the speed of report rendering, and reduces the level of power consumption. At the same time, our report designer remains a universal application that continues to function under macOS on devices that use both new chips of M series and Intel processors.
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