Author: Alex Markus

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Very soon, the first version of Stimulsoft 2023 products will be released. It will contain a lot of new features and improvements aimed at more comfortable work on creating reports and data analytics. Today we want to tell you about the update of popular products – Stimulsoft Reports.PHP and Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP.
In addition to minor tweaks and improvements to the code, we've added three major new features:

  • We’ve added support for the Composer dependency manager. Now, to install the product in your project, you should execute only one command, and all scripts and product resources will be loaded automatically from the Packagist repository;

  • We have done a complete refactoring of the PHP code. You don't need to write JavaScript code for basic features, such as uploading, report export, viewing in the viewer, or editing in the designer. We've added appropriate classes and enumerations using only a PHP code to program these actions. At the same time, as it used to be, all actions can be programmed using JavaScript code;

  • We’ve updated samples, refreshed documentation, and added the creation of tutorial videos about the use of updated PHP components to our upcoming plans.

All these great new features will be available in the 2023.1 New Year's major release, and some of them you can use now – the current version of the 2022.4 product has been added to load from the repository and fully and is completely ready to use! The license model remains the same – all valid licenses are fully compatible with the updated product.
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