2021 was a hectic and productive year for our company. This year we have released two new products:


Stimulsoft Reports.Blazor is a cross-platform tool designed to integrate applications using the Blazor framework. Our components support all the main features of Blazor, and can work both on the server-side and the client-side using WebAssembly technology. In Reports.Blazor, you may connect SQL, NoSQL, REST data sources and retrieve data from Google, Azure, Data.World, Quickbooks. All you need to work with the product is any modern browser.


Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP is a new product in the line of tools for creating dashboards. You may use it to integrate seamlessly into your applications and as a standalone solution. At the same time, no complex configuration or third-party modules are required - the complex can be easily integrated into almost any PHP application.

Blockly in Stimulsoft Tools

Blockly is a visual programming tool from Google integrated into our reporting tools for scripting events. With its help, you can create various scenarios visually without writing any code. The event script created using Blockly will be universal for all our software, and, accordingly, the generated report will work in both WinForms and JS report designers.

Blockly Components

Several charts in one

For the Chart element in dashboards, you can specify up to 5 views. Each view is a separate type of diagram, and their switching is carried out in the viewer. The views are configured in the editor of the Chart element on the additional parameters panel.
Several Charts in One

Pie chart now in 3D

A new feature you will like is a 3D pie chart - just look at it. The new type of chart has all the same capabilities. The appearance allows you to expand the visualization of data series and visualize the necessary data more clearly and visually.
3D Pie Chart

Straight ahead

We are constantly keeping up with the times, so our products:

  • support work under Windows 11;
  • tested and work under .NET 6.0;
  • support all current versions of the Angular platform - 10, 11, 12, 13;
  • and the source codes are fully compatible with Visual Studio 2022.
Windows 11, .NET 6.0, Angular 13

Math formulas in reports

By the way, you can use mathematical formulas in reports. They are arranged in groups in the editor, where each group is presented on a separate tab. You can also specify a formula using LaTeX syntax.
Math Formula

New data adapters

We also have new data adapters - Google Analytics, Azure SQL, and Azure Blob Storage. With their help, you can build complex and functionally rich reports and dashboards, including web analytics reports. Also, we added support for PDO data adapters for PHP.
Data Adapters

New functionality

A few more new things will make your work with our products even more convenient and fast. Reports can now be built and sent by schedules; you may add watermarks, transparency of elements to dashboards; variables have new capabilities; optimization of JS scripts (the total volume of code reduction is about 20 percent) affected Reports.JS, Dashboards.JS, Reports.PHP, and Dashboards.PHP.
JS Optimization

Thank you for being with us! See you in 2022!

See you in 2022!
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