Author: Alex Markus

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The first version of Stimulsoft 2023 products will see the light very soon. Today we would like to share one of the future enhancements that concern the Reports.BLAZOR and Dashboards.BLAZOR products.
In release 2023.1, we have entirely redesigned components for the popular Blazor framework. We improved the internal structure - now, all the work of the components is performed in an asynchronous mode. This made it possible to significantly increase the loading speed and performance of components, especially for WebAssembly, and add new features.At the same time, the basic properties and events have remained the same, so you do not have to redo your projects completely - the code structure has not changed. The main innovations include the following:

  • As mentioned above, components and their resources are loaded asynchronously, improving the loading speed of all page elements. A particularly critical place is the WebAssembly technology, which runs the components completely in the browser window;

  • We added the ability to change the main options of components at any time after their creation, for example, change the report, theme, and localization of the component in the event of a button click or selection in the list;

  • We have improved the ability to display components in dynamic/pop-up windows in web applications based on the One Page App approach.

Moreover, we updated the Blazor component documentation, added missing options, and fixed errors related to working with components. We are constantly improving our products, and we always welcome any feedback from you with suggestions for improving the performance of our reporting and data analytics tools.
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