The new versions of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 are available for public usage. Naturally, it has been carefully examined by our experts. Their opinion will now be expressed by the chief specialist of the development department Anton Lozovsky:

"Our team has started working with the very first beta version of Windows 8. We tried to work on it and test new features. There have been attempts to write some code on first versions of VS.

The first demo version of Visual Studio was totally raw. It was so unreliable that refused to work stably even on computers stuffed with the top-end hardware components. Due to the fact that our team uses the latest workstations (updated last time before the official release of Windows), it is difficult to imagine how Visual Studio could behave on typical machines.

Regular hangs after simple operations, extremely inconvenient and poor interface. Very soon prereleases with fixes became available, in which the interface was improved, but the performance remained the same. This new version of the Visual Studio continued to throw errors.

There was a feeling that fixes of one problem were replaced by new ones. Prerelease versions of Windows were covered with the same problems.

Finally the version of Windows 8 became available. We downloaded it from the official website. The operating system worked much better than its previous version. Most of the errors and deficiencies have been corrected. However it is much pleasant to work in Windows 7. Together with the operating system we have downloaded a new version of Visual Studio. What can I say about it?

The appearance has undergone tremendous changes; it has become really beautiful and attractive. However, many problems are not corrected until now. While testing the beta version of Visual Studio, we identified a number of errors, wrote about them to the VS support team and they promised that the release version will fix everything. But, unfortunately, everything remains as before. The promises of the realization of requested features still remain promises.

In the previous version of Visual Studio, our product has worked steadily, without any problems and errors. Running the product on the new studio, the project behaved unexpectedly - it threw a lot of bugs and refused to work: it lost ability to compile and got lots of conflicts. Despite all these difficulties, we managed to organize its work, though left an unpleasant aftertaste from the time spent on the development, “killed” with the new version of Visual Studio.

Of course, we understand that this is only the first version. This is only the beginning of development to work with the tablet. We hope that, eventually, everything will be much better."

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