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The use and application of a license key to activate our products require following specific rules. Often we receive requests from clients that the license key worked in the application and suddenly stopped, or it works from time to time. The Trial watermark and our company logo appears on the report pages in the runtime designer, in the preview, or after saving the report, for example, to PDF. Each case requires a separate study and investigation. We have collected several non-trivial reasons why the key may not work. Here are 4 pieces of advice on what you need to check out in your application to avoid problems.

  • Check if the license key is loading. If you use asynchronous methods calls, you should review the order of calls. Perhaps, in some places, loading and rendering a report can be faster than loading the license key;

  • If your key is loaded in a static constructor, and reports are loaded, rendered, and exported in different streams or calculations on distributed servers are used, you should move the license key loading to a regular constructor;

  • If your key is loaded from a file and it is implemented by an asynchronous method, you should load the license key from the Base64 string;

  • If you have acquired a subscription renewal, you should regenerate the license key and update it in your application code or replace the license file in your project with a new one.
Please note

Each time the key is required, its content will be different from the content of the previously generated key each time. This is normal behavior, since in addition to the license information date and time of the key generation are saved.

If these simple bits of advice haven’t helped you or you have other problems with the work of Stimulsoft products, you should immediately contact our technical support or ask your question on the forum. When contacting, please describe your problem and the steps to reproduce it. If possible, attach a sample project or a part of the source code where an error occurs. It will save time and help you find a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time.
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