We added the ability to round border corners for dashboard elements in release 2022.1. In version 2022.2, we have taken a step forward and made it possible to round graphical elements of charts both in dashboards and reports. The principle remains the same - using special properties, you can specify the rounding radius of four corners of a chart graphical element. It allows a thin styling of a chart within your dashboards and reports.

In this article, let’s look closer at rounding in charts.

For which chart rounding is applicable?

Before we start telling you about rounding in reports and dashboards, let’s figure out what types of charts can be rounded.

You may apply rounding to all types of charts in which column graphical elements are used, namely:

  • column;
  • line;
  • clustered column;
  • Pareto charts;
  • Gantt chart;
  • waterfall;
  • range bar;
  • hierarchical chart of the Treemap type.

This applies both to reports and dashboards. Now let's go directly to the issue of how you may implement rounding in your documents and analytical panels.

Rounding in report charts

A chart in a report may have several series. Rounding can be defined in style settings, which are applied to the chart or in the settings of each row. In the style and settings of a row, rounding is defined using the Corner Radius properties group. Please note that if you can’t see rounding settings in the list of properties, you should set the Allow Apply Style property to False. Otherwise, rounding settings will be applied from a chart style for all series.

Rounding in charts in a dashboard

Graphical elements in a chart in a dashboard are rounded only via the settings of an element style. Accordingly, rounding radiuses defined in a style will be applied to all graphical elements of a chart, regardless of their belonging to its series.

Once again, here's the main point:

  • You can round graphical elements both in report and dashboard charts;
  • This feature is available not for all chart types;
  • The rounding of a graphical element is defined using the Corner radius group in a chart style or the properties of a particular row. The last one is relevant only for charts in reports.
Here’s a video about setting rounding of charts which is already available on our YouTube channel.

This way, you can make more fine-tuning of a chart design in your dashboards. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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