Author: Alex Markus
We continue to tell you about new features of Stimulsoft products 2022.2, and today you will learn about the most famous browser Internet Explorer and how our reporting tool works in it.

A bit of history

First of all, let us remind you that Internet Explorer history, or simply IE, dates back to 1995 when it was first presented as an additional Plus! package for Windows 95. Later versions were available as free downloads and were used by many people to access websites on the World Wide Web. Over time, Internet Explorer was integrated as a part of the operating system package, and it was being developed till 2016. The last version was Internet Explorer 11 in the Windows 10 operating system. After, it was replaced by a more modern Microsoft Edge web browser.

The future of Internet Explorer 11

IE11 was supported in Microsoft Teams until the end of November 2020 and Microsoft 365 until mid-August 2021. The end of support for Windows 10 editions that are outside of the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) is scheduled for June 15, 2022. However, Internet Explorer became a component of the operating system long ago. For some corporate versions, for example, Windows Server 2019, the security system updates will be released until at least 2029. You should know that now there are a huge number of devices that use this browser as the only solution. Moreover, Internet Explorer 11 is used by many applications that are impossible or impractical to upgrade.

Windows 11 and IE11

Internet Explorer is not supported as a separate application in the new operating system, Windows 11. However, at least until 2029, Microsoft promises support for IE in Edge. This way, Windows users will be able to work with the once most popular browser in the world for a long time.

Internet Explorer 11 and Stimulsoft products

Now, we are coming to the central part of our article. Stimulsoft company releases various products, including reporting tools, which work in the browser. They include Reports.JS and Dashboards.JS. These reporting and data analytics tools are created in pure JavaScript. The products are not connected to an operating system and can work on any system that supports JavaScript in the browser.

In the 2022.2 release, we have added an ability to compile scripts of a product to ECMAScript 5 (ES5), which works in Internet Explorer 11. You can run the ES5 script builder that is included in the licensed product package with a source code.
You can acquire a product license with a source code here:

What next?

Script compilation instructions for ES5:
  • Download source codes of the product you need, Reports.JS or Dashboards.JS. You can do it in a user's account;
  • Extract the archive and go to the following path: ...\ts\;
  • Invoke the command line in this repository;
  • Run the npm install command to install missing dependencies;
  • Compile scripts for ES5, having run the npm run build_js-es5.

The compiled scripts will be located in the path ...\ts\build\es5\. Next, you can use them in your projects and applications by generating reports and creating dashboards. This way, you can get updates and have a modern, fully functional reporting tool that is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
To show you visually the process of scripts compilation for ES5 in Stimulsoft products, we have made a tutorial video:

If you have any questions about compatibility with Internet Explorer 11, contact us, we are always glad to assist you.
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