On November 8, 2021, Microsoft company officially announced the .NET 6 release. This is a popular platform for software development.

Unfortunately, this led to some difficulties in the work of software products. The thing is that Microsoft company decided that the System.Drawing.Common library is compatible only with Windows. This was done due to the inability to fix errors in third-party operating systems - macOS and Linux.

The problem of incompatibility of the System.Drawing.Common library affected users of Stimulsoft products, too. As a temporary solution for the project using the .NET 6.0, we offer you to install the previous version 5.0.3 of the System.Drawing.Common library, which is backward compatible with the .NET 6.0 and, as before, it supports Linux and macOS systems.
Right now, we at Stimulsoft are revising our products, the main task of which is to avoid dependence on the System.Drawing.Common library and, thus, to make the Stimulsoft report and dashboard engines completely cross-platform.