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The technical articles cover a range of survey topics related to various features of Stimulsoft Reports. Interesting and useful tips, hints, how-tos, code snippets etc.

Wind of Changes

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Wind of changes - what could be better, and what could be worse? Indeed, all the new causes fear, because typically, it is not clear "how to use it all." But this is not about Stimulsoft. Innovation from our company is a polished style, improved functionality and, thus, complete absence of incomprehensibility of our users.

What's new?
Complete graphic and functional transformation in the website design. It is like your new modern custom-made suit a tailor sewed: gloss, elegant, and no discomfort in your movements. We have tried to find a happy medium in which all the familiar and comfortable aspects remained in their places, and all the rest stuff made easier, supplied with new elements and returned to you for the joy. On the home page of our website we have added a few items which answer the questions about our company. We have minimized the list of products by combining them in specific logical groups. Many of the items of the "old" menu have been moved down the page. Our web-designers completely redesigned appearance of each page. Of course, changing of the website design does not stop for a minute. We are also pleased to present a new design of our products and the new DEMO application that became more pleasant and convenient. Everything is done in a style of refined minimalism. Every line, every curve is calibrated up to the pixel accuracy.

What caused these changes?
Time passes and everything changes. We did not think it's time to get rid of the vestiges of the past; just the time has come for changes to be made. The main ideas of the new design are beauty and simplicity. Since the user's attention is not infinite, we have decided to polish the appearance by removing all the "white noise". At the same time, it was necessary to preserve the individuality of the product design concept and we think we’ve managed with this.

Good luck in designing your reports!
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