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The technical articles cover a range of survey topics related to various features of Stimulsoft Reports. Interesting and useful tips, hints, how-tos, code snippets etc.

Why Stimulsoft Reports? Part 1

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A man's life consists of daily alternatives: what to wear, where to go, how to enjoy. Our choice is always grounded. We always have our own reasons and motivations. We choose the clothes that suit us, the food which corresponds to our notion of taste, the surrounding objects - from the conditions of total comfort.

Looking at the blog is not difficult to guess that it says about software, but, to be more precise, about Stimulsoft Reports. Why should we pay attention to these products? Why Stimulsoft Reports is the right choice?

One can easily identify at least six reasons:

1) Easy to use with the product.

This is not only familiar interface of the Stimulsoft Reports product line but, of course, it is very important, because there is no need to spend time on inappropriate learning the basics. Report generation should not bring problems. The report is the final phase of your work and there is no need in reporting tool, if this stage is the most difficult. A competent report writer should make life easier and make the end of work joyful and unobtrusive.

Just imagine. You bought a new car - beautiful, fast, comfortable. You sit in the cabin and realize that it is the same as in your father's car. Every detail has been known since childhood, each handle is known by your hand and easy in control. The same thing is with the report generators Stimulsoft Reports. All this is because developers depart from the best and well known technology.

Everybody, without exception, at least once in their life, worked with the Office, and everyone is familiar with the functions of Ribbon UI. Therefore, after the first start of the reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports you feel that you already know it and have created many reports with it.

The main reason of simpleness of using reporting tools is that developers have created a product not for someone, but for their users. We put ourselves in the place of our users, listened to them, tested reporting tools, suggested different ways, listened answers and, starting from this position, worked on the product.

The main task is each element of the report generator mosaic, be "at hand", as they say. You do not have to run your eyes over the space of the monitor to find the right field - everything is in place, maximally efficient and convenient.

2) Better and better day by day.

It goes without saying that every product is a complete unit consisting of many components interacting with each other perfectly, like a huge and very clever anthill. But the more "ants" are in the chain, the more difficult it is to trace its stable work. Many people think this way but not specialists of Stimulsoft.

For many years, developers perfect and adjust an item to item of a well-organized machine. Every detail has been tested many times and brought to the optimum. An option that you get the pleasure of working with the report generator. But even fully honed and finished products, in time, are subject to change and become even more convenient!

However, if you chose the products of Stimulsoft Reports, you'll have to get used to a nice small thing - continuous updating of products. These updates are not troubleshooting but adding new features. To better understand how this happens, we give you a simple example.

Let's say you purchased a multi-purpose Swiss knife, known for its quality. Now, imagine that you are constantly using it on a daily basis; every blade, every opportunity. After a while you find that the blades are sharper and some new ones appeared. These nice little things will make you joyous if you work with Stimulsoft Reports.
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