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What's New Announcement: Dependent Variables

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In Flash Designer and Viewer we added one function for handling report parameters – dependent variables. In our tools report variables are used as parameters, which may be requested by the user.

The report developer indicates in the data dictionary, which variables should be used as parameters to the report. It also indicates how these parameters needed to be requested in the report viewer. When the report runs, the parameters are requested in the report viewer and after their completion passed to the reports. The reporting tool uses them in the data sample, filtering, or for displaying in the report.

In the new version, the report developer can link two variables in the report, making one of them dependent on the other. For example, two variables that display two lists are created in the report. The first one is a list of product categories, and the second one is the list of products. Having created the second variable dependent on the first (linking them), you can filter the list of products in the selected product category. That means that in the second list only the products that fit the selected category in the first variable will be displayed. It should be noted that this level of connection of variables can be not only one in the report, and the number of nested levels is also not limited. 

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