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We announce Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2009.3 release

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When developing the new version of Reports.Net we focused on improving interaction between a user and the reporting tool. New release comes with a few new components, designer and viewer interfaces improvements.

The Table component
This new component allows increasing speed of report building. It simplifies work with some controls. When using the Table, a user does not work with separate components placed in bands but with the structure of correlated cells. Size change, formatting, data filling - all this can be easily done using the Table component.

The Table component

Super ToolTips
Super Tooltips provide much more information about controls. Now there is no need for you to guess where this or that control can be used. Detailed tips describe almost each button. Super ToolTips are available both in the designer and in the viewer. We believe this feature will be useful both for advanced users and for novices.

Super ToolTips

Context Tabs
Some components which are included into our product have very many properties. And it is very difficult to work with them. We have added the Context Tabs to simplify settings of those components. On the current moment Context Tabs are available for the Chart and the Table components.

Context Tabs

Ribbon report viewer
The Ribbon UI in the report designer is used by our customers since the version 2008.2. But now we are glad to announce the Ribbon UI for the report viewer. New viewer is available both as a control and as a Tab in the Ribbon UI of the report designer. 

Ribbon report viewer

Find previous function in the report viewer
There was lack of the find previous function in the report viewer for our users. Now this is problem is no longer present.

Find previous function in the report viewer

Save images in assemblies sources
There was an old problem in our reporting tool when it was impossible to include big images to the report body. Now such images will be automatically placed in the report assemblies sources. To disable this property you need to use the StoreImageInResources property. This property is added to a report and is available in the report designer.

Standalone reports
In previous versions of the reporting tool it was possible to create standalone reports from code. Now this function is available from the Save As command of the report designer menu. Please, notice that standalone reports will work only if Stimulsoft Reports.Net assemblies are installed in GAC.

Very complicated preliminary data processing is possible with the Cross-source. Cross-source is a cross table but the results of rendering are not shown in a report but used with other components (can be used with charts for example).


The following minor changes are available in this release:
  • New BarCodeType.ShowQuietZoneIndicator property is added to the BarCode component. This property is available for the following types of barcodes: EAN8/13, UPC-A/E, and Sup2/5.
  • The Informix database pack is added.
  • The Globalization module now supports Tag, ToolTip, and Hyperlink properties of the text component.
  • Now the export to Word2007 supports hyperlinks and bookmarks.
  • Some improvements in the database schema retrieving.
  • The PrintOn property of the ReportTitle Band is hidden.
  • The PrintOn property of the ReportSummary Band is hidden.
  • Big optimization of work with memory.

Fixed Bugs
  • Fix: Some problems with the Pie series and the Conditions property.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the PreventIntersection property and charts.
  • Fix: Some bugs with functions in the report dictionary.
  • Fix: Some problems with the SubReports in EngineV1.
  • Fix: Some problems with the PageNofMThrough.
  • Fix: Bug with page events.
  • Fix: Some problems with the export to Excel and date time format.
  • Fix: A bug with the transparent images and the export to PDF.
  • Fix: A bug with the text break.
  • Fix: Some bugs in the Table component.
  • Fix: Some bugs with styles in the Table component.
  • Fix: Some problems with the Cross-Tab component.
  • Fix: Some problems with the globalization of charts.
  • Fix: Some problems with the Watermark.Angle.
  • Fix: Some problems with the progress bar.
  • Fix: Some improvements in the page resizing in viewer.
  • Fix: Some problems with the SubReports rendering in double pass report.
  • Fix: Some problems with page numbers.
  • Fix: Problem with the OverlayBand.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the report engine and the report calculation.
  • Fix: Problem with the Conditions and undo redo stack.
  • Fix: Problem with the SubReport component and unit changes.
  • Fix: The Filter expression bug.
  • Fix: Some corrections in localization of borders editor.
  • Fix: Problem with the StiWebViewer component and the page number.
  • Fix: Problems with watermarks in report resources.
  • Fix: Problems with the search function and the richtext components.
  • Fix: Problems with the export to PDF under x64 systems.
  • Fix: Some bugs with duplicates names.
  • Fix: Some problems with custom application items.
  • Fix: Some problems with nullable datetime types.
  • Fix: Some problems with the Wrap property in the Cross-Tab component.
  • Fix: Some bugs with minimization of the viewer window.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the PrintOnAllPages property.
  • Fix: Some bugs in the report engine.
  • Fix: Some bugs with printing of segmented pages.
  • Fix: The IStiGlobalizationManager interface now supports Tag, Hyperlink and ToolTip properties.
  • Fix: A bug in the export to PDF with a big amount of rich objects.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the KeepGroupFooterTogether property.
  • Fix: A bug in working with the DBase files.
  • Fix: A bug with the CSV data source.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the UnlimitedHeight and the UnlimitedBreakable properties.
  • Fix: Some bugs with saving reports from the report designer.
  • Fix: A problem with the CrossTab component and the RightToLeft property.
  • Fix: A problem with the CrossTab components and the PrintOnAllPages property.
  • Fix: A problem with the report code generation.
  • Fix: A problem with the clipboard operation.
  • Fix: A problem with the Restrictions property.
  • Fix: A problem with the custom dialogs provider.
  • Fix: A problem with receiving columns from the SQL server in some cases.
  • Fix: A problem with the cross-primitives.
  • Fix: Some problems with multi-pages report.
  • Fix: Problems with recent files. 
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