Majority of changes in Reports Designer.Web version 2009.3 are related to the migration of our project to Adobe Flash Player 10. Now in report designer it is possible to save and load reports from files. It is also possible to work with the report viewer directly on the tab in the reports designer. Improved work with fonts is also available.

Viewing reports in Reports Designer.Web
Now it is possible to view a report directly from the designer tab using the Viewer.Fx component. We have added this component to the Preview tab in the report designer. Previous methods of viewing reports are also available.

Viewing reports in Reports Designer.Web

Super ToolTips
Super Tooltips provide much more information about controls. Now there is no need for you to guess where this or that control can be used. Detailed tips describe almost each button. We believe this feature will be useful both for advanced users and for novices.

Super ToolTips

Full list of functions is added to the data dictionary of a report. All functions are structured by categories. It is necessary to drag a function from the data dictionary to the window of editor and this function will be added to a category.


The panel of compilation is added
The panel that shows errors of compilation is added. It is enough to double click on an error to see where the error occurred. If, in the current moment, the Code tab is disabled then it will be temporarily shown.

Work with files of reports
New version of the report designer can work with report files on the client side. And there is no need use special forms of ASP.NET. Everything is very simple - the Open item of the main menu opens a report from the file using dialog. The Save Report as... menu item saves a report to the file using the dialog.

Work with files of reports

Compression and encryption
There are global changes in methods of data exchange between the client side and the server side of Reports Designer.Web in version 2009.3. Now all information can be encrypted and compressed. By default the encryption is disabled (the StiWebDesigner.DataEncryption property). By default compression is enabled (the StiWebDesigner.DataCompression property).

The following minor changes are available in this release:
  • Now Designer.Web supports the MRZ format.
  • Now Designer.Web supports the MRX format.
  • A new StiWebDesignerOptions.Toolbar.ZoomMode static option.
  • A new StiWebDesignerOptions.ExitButtonVisible property is added.
  • A new StiWebDesignerOptions.ShowWizardOnStartUp static option.
  • A new StiWebDesigner.ShowWizardOnStartup property is added.
  • A new StiWebDesignerOptions.Connection.RelativeUrls option is added.
  • A new ExitUrl property is added to the StiWebDesigner component.
  • Now you can load RTF files in richtext components.
  • Now you can load an image into watermark.
  • Now Designer.Web supports Informix database adapter.

Fixed Bugs
  • Fix: Some problems with text formats in Designer.Web.
  • Fix: Some problems with saving the Horizontal Line Primitive.
  • Fix: Bug with showing the AllowApplyStyle property in chart.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the copy-paste.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the Legend of the Chart.
  • Fix: Bugs with properties of Series.
  • Fix: Some problems with the Cross-Tab editor.
  • Fix: Some problems with the DockStyle property.
  • Fix: Some problems with images in the HTML preview.
  • Fix: Some problems with events.
  • Fix: Some problems with columns retrieving.
  • Fix: Some problems with resizing Designer.Web window.
  • Fix: Some fixes in the PropertyGrid.
  • Fix: Some bugs with the columns on a page.
  • Fix: Some bugs in the report wizard.
  • Fix: Some fixes in the CrossTab component.