We have already announced in our news on January 18, 2011 support of WCF in Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight reporting tool. Our developers have made some improvements and corrections in this direction:
1. Support of GoogleDocs.
2. The problems with getting a tables list is fixed for the following databases:
  • DB2Database;
  • DotConnectUniversal;
  • EffiProzDatabase;
  • FirebirdDatabase;
  • InformixDatabase;
  • MySQLDatabase;
  • OracleDatabase;
  • OracleODPDatabase;
  • PostgreSQLDatabase;
  • PostgreSQLDatabase.CoreLab;
  • SQLCeDatabase;
  • SQLiteDatabase;
  • SybaseDatabase.ADS;
  • SybaseDatabase.ASE;
  • UniDirectDatabase;
  • VistaDBDatabase.
3. Improvements for the RequestFromUser variables:
Now if StiVariable.DialogInfo.ItemsInitializationType == StiItemsInitializationType.Columns and properties KeysColumn or ValuesColumn are set then the request to the server for getting required fields from the data source will be sent.
4. The new event is added: Stimulsoft.Report.StiOptions.Silverlight.WCFService.WCFPrepareRequestFromUserVariables

Updated samples of using WCF server can be downloaded here.