We have already announced in our news on January 18, 2011 support of WCF in Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight reporting tool. Our developers have made some improvements and corrections in this direction:
1. Support of variables with RequestFromUser=true is added.
2. We fixed a bug with rendering a report on the server containing the variables RequestFromUser type List.
3. Support of the following stuff is added:
  • DB2Database;
  • DotConnectUniversal;
  • EffiProzDatabase;
  • FirebirdDatabase;
  • InformixDatabase;
  • MySQLDatabase;
  • OracleDatabase;
  • OracleODPDatabase;
  • PostgreSQLDatabase;
  • PostgreSQLDatabase.CoreLab;
  • SQLCeDatabase;
  • SQLiteDatabase;
  • SybaseDatabase.ADS;
  • SybaseDatabase.ASE;
  • UniDirectDatabase;
  • VistaDBDatabase.
4. The TestConnecting processing method is extended.

Updated samples of using WCF server can be downloaded here.