You are already using Windows 8, enjoying the new Metro style but cannot find a decent reporting tool for working in the touch mode? Do not worry, this is not a problem. All you need is to visit the online Windows Store. You are not misreading, really, the Demo of Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT is now available for download from the Windows Store.

Working with Metro applications, you can create reports of any complexity. Thanks to elaborate touch interface now available: zooming, dragging, sliding, scrolling, navigation and much more! Now, you can actually interact with the content of the report! The new product Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT is extremely simple, fast, intuitive and beautiful. There is no sense to paint all the benefits of our new product in this article, as all you need to get is the ability to download a free version of Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT from of the Windows Store. We do our best for our customers feel comfortable.

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