We are glad to announce the official release of the version 2014.1. This release is a next major improvement of reporting tools, which includes a large number of significant new features and enhancements.

New Localizations
New localizations are added to all our products. They are Catalan (ca-ES), Euskara (eu-ES) and Galician (gl-ES). In addition, we have added localization into English (en-GB). This is the localization into English that is used in the UK.

new localizations

AES 256bit
The new versions of our products can create PDF files encrypted by the algorithm AES 256bit. The PDF format has a built-in encryption. This means that it is possible to put a password in a document, without which it is impossible to perform certain actions with the document such as open, print, edit, etc. Encryption can be performed by different methods. They differ from each other by the algorithm and key length. Of course, the key length is directly proportional to time of its guessing.
Initially, the Acrobat products used RC4 40 and 128-bit encryption methods. Eventually appeared more robust encryption algorithm AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). At this moment it is the best built-in Acrobat encryption method.


Styles Designer in MVC
The component Mobile Designer for MVC (HTML5) now includes the designer of styles. There was no styles designer in previous versions of the report designer for MVC. It was impossible to edit styles, delete and add new ones. You can run the Style Designer by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar of the component StiMvcMobileDesigner.

style designer-for-mvc

Interface Type Property
Interface Type is a new property for the report designer HTML5. When using it, you can set the interface mode of the report designer: control of the component using the mouse device or fingers. By default it is set to automatic selection mode, depending on the available information about the system environment of the report designer. The property automatically detects the type of interface depending on the device.

Localization Property in MVC
The new Localization property for the Flash report designer for MVC allows setting the localization that will be applied by default when loading the report designer. This property will be useful if the first use of the designer has the need to use the specific localization of the interface. After loading the report designer in the web browser the user is able to change the localization of UI from the menu of the report designer.

Date in Words in Portuguese
We have added two new features to display the date in words – DateToStrPt and DateToStrPtBr. The first function displays a specified date in words in Portuguese, the second – in Portuguese-Brazilian. Both functions work according to national characteristics of writing dates.


Header Property in Chart Table
For more precise settings of the Chart Table we have implemented the new Header property. This property provides the ability to change the following options: Text Color – changing the color of the text; Word Wrap – wrapping the text word by word; Brush – setting the background color of the item Header; Font – formatting the text.

Clustered Bar in Chart Table
Many users of Stimulsoft Reports use charts to graphically represent data elements together with Chart Table. It is now possible to use a Cluster Bar series in Chart Table. Chart Table allows gathering graphical and tabular presentation of data that is a simple and convenient way to work with data.

clustered bar in chart table

Export Forms of Mobile Viewer
Forms of exports have become much easier and more intuitive to use, new properties appeared. Many forms for exports were united. For example, the Mobile Viewer had its own form for an image. Now all images are united into one form. This applies to exports to Excel, Word, HTML, and data files.


Action ActionGetReportSnapshot
In the component Mobile Designer for MVC we added the new action – ActionGetReportSnapshot. This action is used to connect the data in the Preview mode using code.

Action ActionDesignReport
In the Flash viewer for MVC we added the new action – ActionDesignReport. It will be called when you click the button Design on the panel of the viewer. It is intended to call the report designer, but can also be used for other necessary actions.

New Colors for Bands
Our developers redesigned the appearance of components on the page of the report template. This was done to make it easier and comfortable to work with reports in the designer.

new color for bands

Office 2013
Previous version of the reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf contained only one theme – Office 2013 Blue. Form the version 2014.1 it supports 21 shades: 7 Blue shades, Violet, Carmine, Teal, Green, Orange, and Purple in three office themes – white, dark gray and light gray.


Option ShowSaveFileDialog
The new option ShowSaveFileDialog in WebDesigner, MvcDesigner provides the ability to display a dialog for entering the file name when you save the report. After entering the file name and clicking Save, the file name specified will be transferred in the event of report saving on the server side, along with saved report. This feature can be useful when saving a new report file.


Email Options in Viewer for MVC
New properties are added in the report viewer component for MVC – DefaultEmailAddress, DefaultEmailSubject, DefaultEmailMessage. These properties in the viewer for MVC are used to set options for sending Email by default. This is useful when users send reports to one main Email address of an organization. Users do not need to enter these settings each time anew. At the same time there is the opportunity to edit them in a dialog box.


Select All in Parameters
Often users design reports with lots of variables. Sometimes it is necessary to use all the variables from the list and the user has to select each of them. Now with one mouse click, you can select or deselect all variables using the new function Select All. It has been added for easier and more convenient work with variables.


Value Horizontal Right for Strips Orientation and Constant Lines Orientation
In the version 2014.1 we have added the ability to bind objects such as Strips and Constant Lines to the right axis. The value Horizontal Right was added to the Orientation property.

Event FindClose for Component StiViewerControl
We have added the new event FindClose. It triggers when closing the search dialog in the viewer.

New Functions
New functions are implemented in the data dictionary. They are used to display the names of months and days of the week depending on the specified culture. For correct work with functions in .NET Framework, you should specify the entire code of the culture (e.g., "en-GB", "ru-RU", "pt-BR", "Lt-sr-SP").

Static Property StiOptions.Engine.FIPSCompliance
FIPS are Federal Information Processing Standards, which are the standards used by all civilian government institutions in the United States.
By default, all systems that work only with FIPS cannot work with functions of other standards. In this case, the application will throw an error. Specifically, Stimulsoft Reports has the function to calculate the checksum by the MD5 method that is not compatible with FIPS. This means that our application will not work on systems running with such standards. To avoid such problems, we have added a special property StiOptions.Engine.FIPSCompliance. That uses our own checksum algorithm instead of the built-in .NET Framework function. 

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