Our product Stimulsoft Reports.Net is becoming more and more poweful. In our new release we add new properties, realize new functionality, and, on the whole, make some steps in the product development to simplify work of our customers and, simultaneously, increase capabilty of a report generator.

Please, read about some significant changes realized in this version:

  • Add: New Property - StiDesignerConfigService.CodeTabVisible. It allows hiding tab "Code" from designer.
  • Add: New bookmark in the data dictionary - Databases.
  • Add: Ability to create Connection with the database directly from the report into the runtime.
  • Add: Ability to load data which are stored in the file with XML format directly from the report into the runtime.
  • Add: OleDb support.
  • Add: New Property - StiRichText.DataColumn.
  • Add: QuickButtons.StiRichText.
  • Add: QuickButtons.StiImage.
  • Add: Drag&Drop support to Services Configurator.
  • Add: Drag&Drop support to Report Tree Panel.
  • Upd: Improving Dictionary Designer.
  • Upd: Improving selection in Designer.
  • Upd: Improving dialog - DataSourceSelect.
  • Upd: Method StiReport.Reset rename to StiReport.Clear.
  • Fix: Small bugs.