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Stimulsoft is proud to announce that Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.50 is released

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Our product Stimulsoft Reports.Net is becoming more and more poweful. In our new release we add new properties, realize new functionality, and, on the whole, make some steps in the product development to simplify work of our customers and, simultaneously, increase capabilty of a report generator.

Please, read about some significant changes realized in this version:

  • Add: The StiReport component is reprocessed for full operational capability in Visual Studio.Net. Methods for attaching data to the report, report designer call, report wizard and rendered report viewing without VisualStudio.Net quitting is added.
  • Add: New Developer FAQ.
  • Add: Live Demos, which demonstrate ability of the report generator, are added.
  • Add: The ZipCode component is added.
  • Add: Translation the interface into Czech, Lithuanian is added.
  • Add: The following BarCodes such as Code93, Code93Extended, Postnet, Plessey, Msi are added.
  • Add: The HorAlignment property for the BarCode component is added. This property controls of the BarCode alignment by the width.
  • Add: The VerAlignment property for the BarCode component is added. This property controls of the BarCode alignment by the height.
  • Add: The Angle property for the BarCode component is added. This property controls of the BarCode rotation.
  • Add: The new StiPage.Border property is added. This property allows to specify the page border.
  • Add: The new StiPage.LargeHeightFactor property is added. This property indicates how many times does the page size should be increased while using the LargeHeight property.
  • Add: The special application for fast installation/deinstallation of assemblies of the report generator in GAC, and for fast call of NGEN for assemblies of the report generator is added.
  • Add: The ability the WebViewer localization is added. In the StiWebViewer.LocalizationFile property you may specify the path to the file of localization.
  • Add: The new property StiWebViewer.UseCache is added. If this property is false then the report cannot be saved in cash for subsequent extraction.
  • Add: The new StiWebViewer.ButtonImagesPath property is added. This property allows you to indicate for the report generator the path to the icons of the toolbar. If this property is empty then images will be transmitted dynamically while displaying a page.
  • Add: The new StiReport.Dictionary.Restrictions property is added. This property allows to you set restrictions on operations with elements of the dictionary. For example, to restrict the column editing add the following code: Restrictions.Add("Customers.CustomerID", StiDataType.DataColumn, StiRestrictionTypes.DenyEdit).
  • Add: The new StiEnumerableToDataSet.PropertiesProcessingType property is added. The new property allows to control of visibility of properties of business objects which are marked as Browsable(false) attribute.
  • Add: Verification of the Browsable attribute for business objects is added. Properties which are marked as Browsable(false) cannot be used in the report.
  • Add: The ability to load report assembly from stream is added. For this purpose use the StiReport.GetReportFromAssembly.
  • Add: The new StiOptions class is added. In this class, for convenience, a lot of parameters for the report generator are assembled.
  • Add: The text rotation (0, 90, 270 degrees - MS-Word restriction) in the rtf export is added.
  • Add: The Unicode in the rtf export is added.
  • Add: The Arabic language support is added to the pdf export.
  • Add: The ability to convert standard digits into Hindi digits. The StiOptions.Export.Pdf.ConvertDigitsToArabic property is used for this purpose.
  • In addition you can specify which of two variants of digits (standard and eastern) must be used while converting. The StiOptions.Export.Pdf.ArabicDigitsType property is used for this purpose.
  • Add: The new StiPreviewCotrol.PrintingDocument statistic event. This event allows you to control of printing from the window of preview.
  • Upd: The Date system function is substituted for Today. The Date function also exists.
  • Upd: The blocking of the assembly file after report compilation is removed. Now this file can be deleted or overwritten without application rerunning right after the compilation.
  • Upd: The StiWebViewer is reprocessed. The button for printing a report (export to pdf) and the button for saving a report are added.
  • Upd: The BarCodeType property of the BarCode component is completely reprocessed. All errors are checked.
  • Upd: There is no longer restriction on using both grouping and columns on the band in the AcrossThenDown mode together. The report which shows how to use grouping with columns (SimpleGroup with Columns) is added.
  • Upd: When setting PrinterSettings PaperSource, Duplex, and Collate are additionally considered.
  • Upd: Correction of the function of the automatic change of a size.
  • Upd: The WinControl component output is improved.
  • Fix: Export of images to rtf - size, background filling etc is fixed.
  • Fix: Problem with the PropertyGrid localization is fixed.
  • Fix: In some reports the HeaderBand was ignored. Now this problem is fixed.
  • Fix: The problem of compound reports compilation is fixed.
  • Fix: Incorrect building of Clone components is fixed.
  • Fix: Auto synchronization and calculated columns are corrected.
  • Fix: The error in StiReportResponse.ResponseAsPdf method is checked.
  • Fix: The error in Open Page command in the Report Designer is checked.
  • Fix: Some bugs in UserSource.
  • Fix: Small bugs.
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