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Stimulsoft is proud to announce that Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.23 is released

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Our product Stimulsoft Reports.Net is becoming more and more poweful. In our new release we add new properties, realize new functionality, and, on the whole, make some steps in the product development to simplify work of our customers and, simultaneously, increase capabilty of a report generator.

Please, read about some significant changes realized in this version:

  • Add: New StiBarCode component. BarCode types such as EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-Sup2, UPC-Sup5, 2 of 5 Standard, 2 of 5 Interleaved, Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Codabar, Code 128a, Code 128b, Code 128c, EAN 128a, EAN 128b, EAN 128c are supported. In next versions other BarCode types will be added.
  • Add: New report in Demo - BarCodes.
  • Add: A unique ability to localize reports. See the new project - GlobalizedReport.
  • Add: New StiComponent.Alias property. This property allows to set alias for all components (including pages). This alias will be output everywhere instead of component name. This allows to make report more readable.
  • Add: Two new static events - StiPage.PagePaint and StiPage.PagePainted. These events are called before and after painting of a page.
  • Add: New template - Copyrights. This template illustrates how, using new static events, to output copyright on a page.
  • Add: New export - in Windows Metafile format.
  • Add: New options of component markers output are added.
  • Upd: Now when Shrink and Grow functions are in process invisible components are not taken into calculation.
  • Upd: First report launch time is reduced.
  • Upd: General optimization of the report generator.
  • Upd: New mode of positioning components in a band. Now, if the component intersects with the band it is considered to be positioned on the band. This allows to escape several mistakes in work with designer.
  • Fix: Work with bulk of pages in designer is accelerated.
  • Fix: The problem of saving docking windows configuration is remedied.
  • Fix: The problem with export of text blocks with fractional font size in rtf format is remedied.
  • Fix: The problem of saving colors adjusted by a user in a file of a report is remedied.
  • Fix: The problem of manual input of color components is remedied.
  • Fix: The problem with export of images in html format is remedied.
  • Fix: The problem with incorrect synchronizing of sql data sources.
  • Fix: Bugs.
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