Conditions - Understandable for Everyone. Article Three: The Data Bar Condition. In previous articles we have described the Conditions, why to use it, and examined in detail Highlight Condition. This article describes the essence and principle of the Data Bar Condition.

Data Bar Condition allows more vividly and visually displaying the dynamics of changing the values of one of the data columns. The Data Bar Condition works in a simple way - the report generator analyses all values in the selected data column, determining minimum and maximum values. The minimum value is assigned to zero percent, while the maximum is one hundred. Then, the percentage of each component value in the selected data column for a given range is calculated. Depending on the percentage, the data bar is created: the closer a value is to the maximum, the greater the length of the bar is and vice versa - the closer a value is to the minimum, the shorter the length of the bar is. As a result, in the selected data column, in addition to numerical values, we get a bar, showing changes of values.