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Applying Feng Shui

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What is the labor productivity? Labor productivity is equal to the ratio between a volume measure of output and a measure or input use. This will tell you any economics textbook. You'll even find a smart formula. But this is the naked assertion, indicating absolutely nothing. The main element of the productivity is entirely different - it is harmony. Yes, this is harmony! And it makes no difference what you and your organization is occupied with.


To explain this idea, we should consider such an art as Feng Shui. No wonder why the Stimulsoft Reports blog publishes an article on Feng Shui. Having read it through, you will understand.

Let's start. What is Feng Shui and how does it relate to Stimulsoft Reports? Feng Shui, emerged in ancient China, is the art of planning and harmonization of the human environment. At the heart of this art lays the idea that a man is in complete harmony with the surrounding world. Today Feng Shui is a cross between art and science, using which you can achieve perfect harmony at home and work, in life and everything connected with it.

Still do not understand why we're talking about Feng Shui? Then start working with our reporting tools.

Of course, our experts did not rely on the teachings of Feng Shui and did not make start with them while working on the report generator, but you will convince yourself that every button, every component, all the elements are in proper place. There is complete Harmony with the interaction between a man and our report generator.

Perhaps the energy Qi does not flow from the band to band, does not bind the Text components to each other, but a rational and convenient location of components and their functionality will leave a good impression. Well, now go back to the word "Harmony". The thing is that your experts and you, working with the report generator, will have a rest. Nothing distracting, nothing worries and makes you nervous, no fuss - just peace of mind. Complete emotional balance to achieve your goals! In such circumstances, the work will go much faster.

If you still have doubts, you can learn Feng Shui, then open our report and feel the harmony in its truest form. Work and enjoy!
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