Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2015.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A new parameter $report_file_name for the function of saving the report.
Export to Excel2007/2013.


Exports to RTF, Word, Excel2007/2013 formats now export HTML tags as formatted text.
Optimized work with large data sources in Flash Designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Localization of the Email dialog in the Flash viewer.
The error saving the Chart Rotation property in Flash Designer.
Improved work with parameters in SQL queries in the Flash Designer.
Problems with the localization of some listings in the Properties panel for Flash Designer.
Report properties in the Office2013 theme were not displayed by the mouse click or double-click in the preview window to the report page for the Flash Designer.
Problem with JSON data adapter in some cases.
JSON datetime columns.
An error loading settings of the export menu on the preview panel in Flash Designer, if a theme Office2013 is used.
Incorrect work of the PDF417 barcode when using the Byte encoding mode.
Errors when working with dependent variables in duplicating values of variables.
Optimized memory when editing large reports in Flash Designer.
The error while dragging data columns in the Cross-Tab component in Flash Designer.
PDF417. A problem with the line break.
An error updating filling pages in Flash Designer.
Export to RTF/Word. HTML tags of the &#nnnn; type now exported correctly.
Ошибка с пустым именем компонента отчета во Flash Designer. The error with an empty name of the report component in Flash Designer.