Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2014.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for Dependent Variables in Flash Designer and Flash Viever.
Undo/Redo function for Flash Designer.
Sorting of groups by the sum of the group is now working correctly.
'Save form values' option is added for sending by email form.
Email address validation before sending message.
The new theme Office2013 for the Flash Designer and Viewer.
Support text rotation for text components in the Flash Designer.
Prevent the dialog box goes out of the screen in the Flash Designer and Viewer.


The default theme is Office2013 for Flash Designer and Flash Viewer.

Fixed Bugs:

The type of the data source VirtualSource now works.
The property CacheAllData now works correctly.
Improved quality of export of barcodes to PDF.
Incorrect displaying of headers of forms in some localizations in Flash Designer and Viewer.
The error when using the function Select all in the list of values ​​of the report variablet.
New minimum system requirements - AIR 3.1, Flash Player 11.1.
Exception whe showing null values in the textbox with the format Time.
Settings of Trend Line parameters for charts in Flash Designer were not saved.
Improved the angle of text rotation of the PDF export.
Improved Median() function.
On removing a set of components the IsModeified property of the report works right in Flash Designer now. .
When editing the data dictionary the flag IsModified of the report was not installed in the Flash Designer.
Errors with the text rotation in charts in the Flash Designer.
Text rotation in Wysiwyg in Flash Designer.
Incorrect work of the Replace function for some expressions.
Wrong definition of the correct overload of some functions in the interpreted mode.
Issues with Office2013 for Flash Designer and Viewer.
When the text component is splitted into parts HTML-tags are now correctly processed.
Incorrect displaying of DateTimeFormat when editing variables for Range and List types in Flash Designer.
In some cases, the error occurs when displaying values ​​of variables defined in the Report Designer preview window.