Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2011.1.1000

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Boolean Values Formatting
Showing icons for columns and variables, which correspond to the appropriate data type
Checking for null values in expressions
The PrintOnAllPages property in the GroupHeaderBand
Data Filters
A Currency format is supported
Dimension lines on a page of a report designer
A function to copy the components while holding the Control button
Support of columns
The Standard Report Wizard is added
Support of HTML tags in exports (as images)
Support of images in exports
Support of images of the BMP format
Support of named colors in HTML tags
Dynamic sorting of a report
Support of shortcuts Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Delete
Support of the Keep Group Together property
Support of the New Page After property
Support of the New Page Before property
A new DefaultPaperSize option in the configuration designer
Support underlined and strikethrough text in PDF export
Ability to add its own text and URL in the About dialog
The StopBeforePage property of a report
Ability to invoke the About dialogue in ViewerFx
The Text in Cells component
Ability to set any character in percentage and currency format
Ability to use variables in SQL queries
The Check Box component
The Clone component
The Collate property of a report
A new NumberOfCopies property of a page
The ExitUrl option for ViewerFx in config.ini
A new ShowConnectionType option in designer dictionary
Oracle Database Adapter
Percentage Data Formatting
Possibility to remove the About dialog
The Format() function in expressions
Label Wizard
Master-Detail Wizard
The Large Height and Large Height Factor page properties, allowing placing more items on one page
An export to TXT format
Automatic saving of a report

Fixed Bugs:

A bug in Data Bands, placed in the Panel
A bug in the name of the ToUpperCase function
Saving a version of the product in the report template
A bug with a print size on some printers
A bug with Boolean values in the PostgreSQL adapter
A bug with line wrapping in exports
Changes and improvements in the config.xml configuration file
Changes in the PHP scripts, allowing to get rid of some warnings
The Oracle adapter in improved
Some improvements in the report engine
A bug with the width of some buttons when changing the localization
Summation of date and time in expressions was not correct
The selected background was not drawn on the page of the designer
Error while working with some of MySQL queries
An error of defining the Boolean type
The Close button in the viewer is replaced on the Exit button
An error of processing the columns and variables in which names the national symbols were present
An error of reading data from fields of the TIME type from a database
An error when adding a variable in the Expression Editor
If an Alias is set in a variable, it is not displayed on the viewer panel
If the Show method was used repeatedly, a report was not re-rendered
An error when defining the length of the null line
When defining the localization of the configuration, it was loaded twice
When double wrapping in PDF export in some cases
When exporting to PDF some of the national symbols were not taken into consideration
When exporting, size of an HTML text depended on the current zoom of viewing
Improvements of an algorithm of drawing barcodes
Improvements of some property editors in the Property Grid
Optimizing reports serialization
An error when sorting the columns of the DateTime type
An error when working with columns, in which names national symbols are present
The Image URL property was always indicated as a text, if an expression was specified
An error with HTML together with the CanGrow and CanShrink property
The ImageResolution and ImageQuality properties were not working when exporting images
An error with rounding of decimal values in Numerical format in some cases
An error with saving the Custom Format
An error with the Chart Title
An export to PDF displays components with zero height
Minor changes in printing reports
Minor improvements in filters
An issue with initialization of a variable in the PHP script
An issue with zooming of a page using the mouse wheel when holding the Control button