Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2019.3.6

Published on 23 September 2019
New Features
1.Now you may use icons for Image. 
2.New filter types in Data Transformation for string types - between, greater than, less than. 
3.Europe Union and Europe maps. 
4.New properties - Icon and IconColor are added for StiImage and StiImageElement. 

1.Replaced "Y Axis" property to "X Axis" for Clustered Bar series. 

Fixed Bugs
1.Print to PDF in Chrome version 77. 
2.JS. Exception occurred when working with the Calibri font that was loaded into StiFontCollection. 
3.JS. Sorting by calculated column did not work correctly. 
4.JS, export to PDF. Rotated image was incorrectly exported. 
5.JS, export to Excel. On some systems, you could get a corrupted file if the system DecimalSeparator is not a point. 
6.JS. When editing StiTable, AlignToGrid did not work. 
7.Color Each for Bubble Series. 
8.A big with relation levels. 
9.A bug with chart markers tooltips. 
10.A bug with multi-level drill-down. 
11.A bug with sorting in reports. 
12.Save positions and selecting cell in the table after filtering.